Air Tight Solutions' new AS100 valve stem

Air Tight Solutions' new AS100 valve stem

Air Tight Solutions' new AS100 valve stem Product Image
Reduce maintenance costs with Air Tight Solutions' new AS100 valve stem from Imperial Supplies, Inc. Unlike standard valve stems with rubber grommets that break down in high temperatures, Air Tight Solutions uses a combination of Viton o-rings and a machined brass adaptor. Viton o-rings and brass adaptors are not affected by high temperatures, thus maintaining a tight seal and accurate tire pressure.

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RightPSI tire-pressure indicator

Product From RightPSI

The RightPSI tire-pressure indicators provide visual indication of low tire pressure, while allowing users to use it as a tire gauge. The three light colors are visible from more than 20' away. Orange indicates low pressure, black indicates correct pressure and yellow indicates overfill. The RightPSI allows users to fill tires or bleed air right through the cap. The hex nut on base tightens snugly to prevent theft.

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AutoFill C1000 digital coin-operated air inflation system

Product From NitroFill, LLC

The NitroFill AutoFill 1000 digital coin-operated air inflation system is designed to actually “sell” air. To use, simply select the desired tire pressure using the “plus (+)” and “minus (-)” buttons, slide the hands-free “Insta-Lock” fast-fill air chuck onto the tire valve stem and wait for the beep. The C1000 inflates or deflates the tire to the exact pressure specification in seconds. This station features advanced digital technology, with no pressure gauge to handle or watch, combined with NitroFill’s standard 1.5 hp, high-performance, oil-less compressor and on-board storage tank.

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TPR TPMS Reset tool

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

OTC's TPR TPMS Reset tool works on all known TPMS sensors through 2010. Its bright graphic display and simple navigation buttons enable vehicle selection for fast activation. The TPMS reset tool automatically adjusts activation output power to eliminate cross activation of near sensors. This tool works as a standalone TPMS activation unit and is compatible with the entire Genisys family of scan tools. Benefits of combining this tool with a Genisys tool include registering new sensor IDs on Asian vehicles, activating and decoding sensor IDs and transmitting wirelessly to the Genisys, and quick reference reset procedures included on the Genisys.

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Accura 1 digital gauge

Product From PCL Air Technology

The Accura 1 digital gauge offered from PCL Air Technology has a lightweight body and an easy-to-read LCD screen. It allows the user to inflate and deflate the tire while staying engaged on the tire valve stem. Calibrated 0-174 psi in 0.2 psi units, the unit will inflate tires up to 174 psi, but starts reading at 2.5 psi to accommodate low pressure applications, as well. All PCL tire inflators are serialized and come with its own individual tested calibration certificate. The tool has a choice of hose lengths and chuck configurations from which to choose. 

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Automatic Trailer Tire Inflation System

Product From Hendrickson International

Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems’ TIREMAAX PRO continuously monitors and adjusts trailer tire pressure by inflating or deflating tires based on changing environmental conditions. It also balances tire pressures at every wheel position. It is the first automatic tire inflation system in the trailer industry capable of active tire deflation and balancing, the company says. A new rotary air connection, integrated into the hubcap, is built with high-precision bearings and an engineered polymer seal. The system, which draws from the trailer air supply, continuously checks tire pressure without pressurizing the axle or wheel ends, and employs a pneumatic controller to direct air to tires that fall below a preset pressure level. A signal light illuminates only when attention is required to alert the operator of tire or system leaks. Easy to maintain, TIREMAAX PRO requires no special tools to adjust tire pressure settings and operates on either 12- or 24-v electrical systems. The system may be combined with an array of Hendrickson approved wheel-end configurations on any Hendrickson INTRAAX primary suspension system, VANTRAAX slider suspension system or trailer axle.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Product From TireStamp Inc.

TireStamp’s TireVigil TPMS y not only advises the driver of a tire problem via an in-cab display, but it sends alerts to fleet maintenance, safety and operations departments, outsourced tire service providers and anyone else that needs to know via a text message or e-mail. Each Alert also provides the last known location of the vehicle with a link that brings up a map with the vehicle’s location. A search can then be made using Google Maps for the nearest tire service provider or any other location, along with directions to that location. Management reports enable fleets to get an overview of their fleet-wide tire maintenance and zero in on problem vehicles. TireVigil monitors tires 24/7, whether parked or moving. Its new wireless configuration cuts vehicle installation time down to around an hour for any type of vehicle and it is compatible with several types of tire pressure and temperature sensors.

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Tire Pressure Alert

Product From RealWheels Corporation Inc

RealWheels Corporation’s LED Tire Watch system provides a quick and easy visual inspection of each tire, alerting the driver or maintenance personnel of pressure variations with a bright red LED light. The systems includes simple to install, stainless steel, self-calibrating LED valve caps that memorize desired pressure when initially installed. The cap starts flashing red if the tire pressure drops as little as 4 psi; 8 psi for trucks. The LED Tire Watch system comes in 6-wheel and 10-wheel kits.

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Tire Management Software

Product From Squarerigger Software

Squarerigger Software’s Revolution Tire Management Software is an easy-to-use and efficient tire tracking and management system. It combines an intelligent software application with wireless electronic data gathering tools into a totally automated process. The Revolution hand-held inspector tool is used to capture such data as tire tread depth, pressure readings, serial number and DOT markings, damage, etc. The stored inspection data is automatically transferred to the desktop/laptop software in real time. The system tracks everything from the tire’s history to how much it cost over its life in specific applications, to vendor inventories, tire piles, tires that have been sent out for re-cap and much more.

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Wireless TPMS

Product From Minder Research

Minder Research's TireMinder Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are designed to continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature, and offer both visual and audible blow-out warnings. Transmitters screw onto the tires' valve stems and send readings to the easy-to-read digital monitor inside the car, RV or truck. The user-programmable system signals and sounds alarms for tire pressure loss or if tire temperature exceeds 167°F/75°C.

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Automated Tire Sensing

Product From Ventech USA

Ventech USA's Pneuscan ATM is an automatic system that uses sensor technologies to quickly and accurately measure pressure and tread depth. It requires no modifications to the vehicle or the tire. A vehicle only needs to be driven over a sensor-equipped area. The system scans the vehicle or license number and measures the pressure and tread depth, displaying the inflation readings on the LCD panel. The information is also transmitted via Intranet to the maintenance office in the form of an Excel table that can integrate with existing fleet management systems.

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