Solvent Savers

Solvent Savers

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DeVilbiss Solvent Savers hose and gun cleaners are simple, easy-to-use cleaners that speed up equipment cleaning and save up to 86 percent in solvent use. The hose and gun cleaners are used to clean the inside of material hose, fluid passageways of spray guns and other paint equipment. They are designed to mix solvents and compressed air to flush paintlines and passages quickly and thoroughly, eliminating color contamination and saving time.

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Dominator heavy duty scraper set, No. 60026

Product From Mayhew Tools

Mayhew Tools' Dominator heavy duty scraper set, No. 60026, includes a 17" scraper with a 3" blade made from 5/8" square steel and a 14-1/2" scraper with a 2" blade made from 1/2" steel. Designed for heavy duty applications with wider blade widths that will not bend under extreme loads. Assembled with the patented Dominator handle which includes metal end cap for striking and two composite material for superior comfort and control.

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Dual Action Polisher Pads

Product From Shurhold Industries

Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher Pads including the Pro Polish Pad and Brite Bonnet, deliver a shiny surface to any vehicle. With pads specialized for specific applications, the black foam polishing and waxing pad measures 6-1/2" in diameter helps leave a smooth finish. For an unmatched finish, the shaggy microfiber Brite Bonnet pad can be used to remove excess wax and buff a surface to a final shine. Fitting snugly over the 6-1/2" polishing pad, the bonnet features a lining that serves as a vapor barrier to prevent a wet waxing pad from leaking through. 

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Semi-flex discs

Product From Camel Grinding Wheels

Camel Grinding Wheels' semi-flex discs, composed of stiff phenolic resin fiberglass backing, can withstand heavier use than plastic or vulcanized fiber backings typical of other grinding discs. The result is more control when grinding corners and edges. The new backing material also allows the disc to be used without a back-up pad for ease of use and cost savings. Will not deform due to use, heat or humidity ensuring unlimited storage life is possible. The discs can be used wet or dry and are available in 16-, 24- and 36-grit sizes, type 27 shape and in 4-1/2-, 5- and 7" diameters with 7/8" or 5/8"-11 arbor holes.

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BTB WK10HD Auto Glass Removal Tool

Product From BTB Auto Glass and Body Shop Tools

The BTB WK10HD auto glass removal power tool is supplied in a range of industry tailored toolkits for safe removal of any adhesive bonded glass from any vehicle, domestic or imported, specializing in those challenging glasses such as deep dash windshields, back sliders (Toyota Hilux, Dodge Ram etc), exposed edge glasses (many VWs etc), and safe removal of unbroken encapsulated glasses (quarter glasses) for body shop and dismantler yard R&I's without damage to glass, encapsulation or paintwork. For collision repairers, this removal tool will also safely remove adhesive bonded body panels, bonded decorative body mouldings, badges, emblems and other components fixed with flexible adhesives such as urethane or double-sided tape.

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Personal Air Breathing Unit, No. P-20

Product From Martech Services Co.

The Martech Services Co. Personal Air Breathing Unit, No. P-20, provides Grade D breathable air for a proper NIOSH-approved respirator, and with the provided 54" tool air hose assembly, it allows air bypass for a paint spray gun. 

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Value Color Deck

Product From PPG Industries

The PPG Value Color Deck is an addition to PPG’s line of color-identification and matching solutions, consisting of 1,800 large color chips chromatically sorted and sprayed with Refinish paint. According to the company, the Value Color Deck provides the necessary color information required for most cost-effective repairs. The tool will be updated annually. Its chromatic color display opens countless possibilities of color choices regardless of vehicle manufacturer, and the large chip size, with its continuous color display, makes it easy to plaque the chip to the vehicle.

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Sparkle Clean

Product From Herkules Equipment Corp.

The Herkules Equipment Corp. Sparkle Clean is an aerosol spray cleaner that can quickly spot-clean all painting equipment. It includes two different length straws; one is built into the cap, and the second, longer straw is provided with its own cap. Sparkle Clean has a low VOC content to support a safe work environment. Effective with either solvent or waterborne paints, Sparkle Clean provides a method to quickly clean paint off of paint guns immediately, with the more comprehensive and thorough gun cleaning to be performed in a paint gun washer for the next project or at the end of the day. 

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Magnetic Paint Clamp No. DF-PC203

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

The Dent Fix Magnetic Paint Clamp, No. DF-PC203, provide a strong, professional and fast method for securing parts for controlled spray painting. Achieve a more complete coverage area on smaller parts such as mirror covers, handles, fender flares, fog light bezels and moldings. Simply twist the base to the clamp securely, stick the magnet to a metal surface and apply coating. Use more clamps, purchased separately, for heavier, larger pieces. The magnetic base can be anchored to the walls of booths even if protected with plastic film or any other stable metal object. Holds up to 5 lbs on a solid magnetic surface.

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007 Professional Spray Gun System

Product From Dura-Block

The innovative Dura-Block 007 Spray Gun System allows users to quickly change paints by simply changing the heads. Featuring high atomization and excellent flow, the fine-tune controls allow easy adjustment. A large full spectrum fan allows users to accurately place paint with minimum over-spray and virtually no orange peel. This system is available in both the three-head model (No. 007K) and the two-head model (No. 007SK).

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Special edition spray gun SATAjet 4000 B Carl Avery Edition

Product From SATA Spray Equipment

The special edition spray gun SATAjet 4000 B Carl Avery Edition from SATA Spray Equipment has a special surface treatment that lasts as long as a regular chrome coating while being eye catching, according to the company. Painters can choose between the "Super Saver" HVLP version and the "Super Fast" RP version with optimized high pressure technology. Both spray gun types come available in a non-digital or digital version and include all popular nozzle set-ups for different applications.

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