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In a low profile, Golight Stryker's contemporary design with combined style and performance in a remote controlled searchlight meets the most extreme demands for real-world use. The exclusive wireless dash-mount remote control allows for convenient and reliable fingertip operation and eliminates the time consuming and difficult task of routing a wiring cable from the spotlight to the controller.

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6.7" Light Cannon LED

Product From Vision X Lighting

The Vision X Lighting 6.7" Light Cannon LED shines at almost a half-mile of usable light from a single 50 watt luminous LED. The 10-degree spot pattern Light Cannon is also like having 12 lights in one. It enables optional snap-on polycarbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to Euro or Flood, while the colored filters (clear, blue, yellow or red) can improve visibility in various conditions. The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications. The

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Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight No. ECF985R

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Providing 227 lumens, the Snap-on Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight, No. ECF985R, includes a patented optical system that produces a highly accurate beam with an electronically controlled output which maintains constant, precise light and projects a uniform focused spot and flood beam pattern. Built to withstand the harshest shop conditions, the

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Occu-Smart VO-LED Series

Product From Lamar Lighting Co. Inc.

LaMar Lighting's Occu-Smart VO-LED comes in 2' and 4' lengths, with several light level options. Occu-Smart fixtures come controlled by highly sensitive ultra-sonic motion sensors which trigger the light levels from low to high upon occupancy. Low standby light levels can be adjusted to 5, 10, 20 or 30 percent of full output with standby wattage as low as 4 watts. LED modules come rated for over 50,000 hours and offer long economical operation, saving energy over standard fluorescent fixtures. 

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Professional Rechargeable Multi-Head LED Light Kit, No. ATD-80300

Product From ATD Tools Inc.

The Professional Rechargeable Multi-Head LED Light Kit, No. ATD-80300, by SABER features multiple light head designs to use with the same lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. Its multiple screw-on light head choices allow the right light for the job. The light is rated for dust and water resistance and features 3 to 4 hour run-time on full battery charge, automatic charging protection, aircraft grade aluminum construction and a 3.7V, 2,000 mAh battery pack base with switch. A 2-Watt LED head with focusing beam and a 1-Watt LED 14.5" long flexible inspection head come included in the kit. Other optional light heads are available. A 2-Watt COB LED Work Light Head, No. ATD-80311 and, a UV Leak Detection Light Head, No. ATD-80313

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Watt Mini Light Tower, No. WAL-ML-3XM-3G 3000

Product From Larson Electronics LLC

Larson Electronics' Watt Mini Light Tower, No. WAL-ML-3XM-3G 3000, comes as a generator-powered mini light tower built to provide high power illumination in an easy to transport and deploy design. Producing over 300,000 lumens of light output and equipped with an extendable boom and gas powered generator from Generac, it can be used for applications where illumination of large areas may be required without having to depend on the availability of local grid power.

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C3VUE Lightbar Configurator

Product From Code 3 Inc.

C3VUE is Code 3’s next generation, visual web-based product configurator. C3VUE allows you to create, visualize and specify your own lightbar. This includes specifying placement of modules within the lightbar, color combinations, additional upgrades and features, estimating cost and ordering. C3VUE employs an intuitive step-by-step approach to help create the perfect lightbar specification and visualization to accompany it. Users also have the ability to print, save, or email a color copy for their records. Code 3’s new lightbar configurator is designed to build lightbars for vehicles in the Police, Fire and Warning industries. 

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Power Beam 2000 LED work lamp

Product From Hella

The powerful Hella Power Beam 2000 LED work lamp provides 2,200 lumens of lighting output while using only 43W of power. This work lamp incorporates 16 high performance, long-lasting LEDs to create a powerful white light. Due to its very low power consumption, the Hella Power Beam 2000 has a lifespan of over 16,000 hours and will last 100 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb.

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Panelite Millennium Series

Product From Optronics International

Optronics offers the Panelite Millennium Series, LED lighting designed to accent stainless steel panels on heavy duty trucks, but also DOT compliant for use as safety lighting. These lights are constructed of durable polycarbonate with epoxy-encapsulated electronics for rugged, waterproof performance.  Snap-on chrome trim rings provide an attractive finish.  Lifetime LED warranty.

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LED Snow Plow Kit, No. 80863

Product From Truck-Lite Co. Inc.

Truck-Lite offers the LED Snow Plow Kit, No. 80863 with improved overall visibility for vehicles plowing snow, and allow these vehicls to be highly visible by oncoming traffic. This kit is composed of a right and left hand lamp assembly, as well as appropriate harness. Each right/left lamp assembly includes an LEDHeadlamp, bracket and pedestal turn signal lamp.

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Universal UnderCover LED Insert

Product From SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal's Universal UnderCover LED Insert offers innovative customization of light output with flexible mounting options. This LED includes three interchangeable lenses that tailor the light output to complement any mounting application. Insert is a quick and easy retrofit, fitting into existing 1" strobe tube cutouts in headlights, taillights or corner light assemblies. Insert is self-contained with in-line flasher and features a fourth wire to set optional 'cruise mode,' which reduces light output to 20 percent power. The new Surface Mount Bezels offer flexible mounting options, available in black, chrome and white. Comes with a five-year, no hassle warranty.

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