Vertical Lift Module

Vertical Lift Module

Vertical Lift Module Product Image

Now anything that can be stored in a drawer can now be cataloged, stored, and accessed as easily as using an ATM. That's because the new Stanley Vidmar Vertical Lift Module Automated Storage and Retrieval System (VLM) gives users the organizational benefits of modular drawer storage, the space savings of an automated storage and retrieval system, and the power and convenience of a Windows XP-based controller.

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FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2

Product From All About Computers Inc.

FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2, from All About Computers, includes PM Scheduling, Repair Orders, Inventory Control, Tire Module and Fuel Tracking, stand alone and network systems, and more. The updated version of the software now includes includes a Safety Module. This module schedules safety inspections of facilities. A complete history of all completed inspections can be tracked.The information tracked includes vehicles involved, injuries and workers compensation information, and all pictures of the incident and PDF files associated with the incident. The software comes compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.

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Fleet Activity Management

Product From Transfinder

Transfinder’s browser-based Servicefinder streamlines daily activities for a successful fleet management operation and provides information to make better decisions about scheduling preventive maintenance. Servicefinder helps reduce costs and vehicle downtime, lengthen vehicle life, increase technician productivity, maintain lower inventory levels and extend better control of personnel and vendors.

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Basic Tool Manager

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Based on barcode technology, Dynamic Systems' Basic Tool Manager is a user-friendly, flexible barcode system targeted specifically for organizations that need to reduce the loss of tools and save time tracking them down for jobs. The software program tracks inventory used and prints reports and purchase orders when an item is low and needs to be reordered. It also tracks and manages all tools and equipment need for repair and maintenance jobs. 

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Product From AssetWorks

AssetWorks' EquipmentFocus is a comprehensive, browser-based enterprise asset maintenance management solution capable of tracking an unlimited number of equipment units and supporting an unlimited number of workstations from any number of locations. EquipmentFocus tracks all functions related to the maintenance of transit infrastructure, including stops and stations, offices, maintenance facilities, revenue equipment, communications gear, stationary equipment and/or I.T. assets.

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sureFleet 3.0

Product From FTI Group, Inc.

FTI Group's fleet maintenance software sureFleet version 3.0 allows fleets to capture vehicle maintenance information and then provide quality reporting. This latest version incorporates new reporting and tracking methods, plus a refined user experience. The system uses e-mail alerts for notifications about upcoming maintenance events based on user defined thresholds. It tracks work performed with outside vendors and allows users to store digital copies of invoices for these work orders. It also manages accident reporting and fuel purchasing, and can store images. Included is a dashboard that provides fleet alerts and at-a-glance information on such things as costs, downtime and mileage. Full export capability to Microsoft Excel is now incorporated into the reporting tools.

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collectiveShop Maintenance and Shop Workflow Software

Product From Collective Data

Collective Data's shop management software solution, collectiveShop, is focused on helping shops streamline operations and increase efficiency. The shop can be a hectic place and oftentimes, is looked at as a large overhead expense. But with innovative software technology, shops can gain ways to improve communication, improve parts distribution, and give supervisors the information they need to turn their maintenance operation into a cost-reducing unit.

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Product From HEM Data

DAWN™ is a wireless data logger by HEM Data that provides several telematics features including: automatic data file transfers when the vehicle's ignition is shutoff, controlling the remote data logger from your office, monitoring & diagnostics, and simultaneously seeing data on your PC while the remote logger is storing data on its CF card. Set your own limits to monitor and have the logger alert you automatically to a problem. Ideal for catching intermittent problems.

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Enrich Software

Product From Richer Systems Group

The Enrich software solution gives you the tools to maximize efficiencies, create opportunities, and provide real-time key performance indicators.

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Product From XRS Corporation

By automatically measuring MPG, speed, idle time, hard braking and more, XataNet gives you real-time numbers you can use to help your drivers improve their performance. Tools such as asset tracking and maintenance alerts also make it easy to get the most out of every vehicle you own. And as the first company to introduce electronic driver logs, we keep you compliant with all industry rules and regulations.

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Product From Business Management Software

MaintenancePLUS! is a complete shop management software. It integrates all aspects of work orders, preventative maintenance schedules, parts inventory and sales orders with commercial accounting packages written for small business. MaintenancePLUS! can be used for a private fleet of equipment or for a commercial shop. Work orders record all the inventoried and non-inventoried parts as well as labor required for a repair of a specific piece of equipment. Work orders can reflect work done in the shop or completed by an outside entity. Proposed and actual labor are captured on each work order. Cost reports can be generated showing total repair costs, labor costs, or repair parts costs for equipment. Preventative maintenance schedules can be set up for equipment based on days. miles, or any unit type. Multiple schedules can be maintained on each piece of equipment. Preventative maintenance reports can be generated indicating equipment needing service and the reason for that service. Work orders can be created from preventative maintenance schedules. Parts inventory can be maintained in multiple locations tracking both purchase cost as well as resale price. Reorder and stocking quantities guide the issuance of parts orders. Receive against parts orders and stock the parts into inventory. MaintenancePLUS! can also be set to interface with the commercial accounting package inventory for commercial shops. Sales orders can be used for a commercial shops selling parts over the counter. Quotes, sales orders, back orders, and invoices can be maintained. Picking tickets can also be generated from sales orders.

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