ARCTIC SUPERFLEX™ electrical cable

ARCTIC SUPERFLEX™ electrical cable

ARCTIC SUPERFLEX™ electrical cable Product Image
ARCTIC SUPERFLEX™ electrical cable from Phillips Industries is specifically designed for durability in extreme temperatures. Not only does it remain flexible in harsh cold weather environments to -85°F (-65°C), ARCTIC SUPERFLEX™ also holds its shape to +175°F (79°c) making it an excellent cable replacement choice for fleets that run in severe temperature ranges.

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STA-DRY Foam Socket Seals

Product From Phillips Industries

Phillips Industries helps fleets fight the war against corrosion with a simple solution: a Foam Socket Seal that can be quickly inserted in all sockets to immediately slow the devastating effects of corrosion. Phillips' entire line of STA-DRY® electrical and air brake interface products have been designed to solve the number one problem facing most fleets today - corrosion.

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USA-Plus™ Electrical Wiring Harnesses

Product From Sloan Transportation Products

Sloan Transportation Products announced today that it is now the exclusive aftermarket distributor for patented USA-Plus™ Electrical Wiring Harnesses. USA-Plus™ harnesses are compatible with all types of trailer lamps, both import and domestic, including LED and incandescent. The harnesses can accommodate as many as 10 individual circuits for the most demanding specialized electrical requirements.

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Battery Isolator

Product From Cole Hersee Company

Cole Hersee Company offers a variety of Battery Isolators for the trucking industry. Cole Hersee's solid-state switches are ideal for trucks using a standard battery to start the vehicle and a second battery to run auxiliary appliances in the cab or sleeper. The Battery Isolators direct charging current into the battery with the lower charge, allowing the starting battery to properly provide a strong burst of energy to start the engine, while running the equipment off the second battery.

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BAT Plus Battery Tester

Product From CanDo

The CanDo BAT Plus Battery Tester offers users a comfortable, ergonomic design and easy operation for accurate and efficient testing. It has an easy-to-read screen with graphic display of voltage readings and actual battery condition. This tester cam perform battery tests on or off the vehicle to many types of 12V batteries including SLI and AGM batteries. It also has the ability to perform grounding tests, cranking tests and alternator tests. The integrated thermal printer will print complete battery and system test reports and customizable company header and footer can be added. Multiple language support is also available.

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500 Series family of alternators

Product From C.E. Niehoff & Co

The C.E. Niehoff & Co. 500 series family of alternators is designed for high output at idle and long running reliability, and can be adapted to multiple applications and environments. Models are customized for niche markets with a wide range of output capabilities and a variety of mar

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Long Haul 12V series of starters

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch's Long Haul 12V series of starters come specially designed to outperform and outlast their OE counterparts on most heavy duty commercial vehicles, according to the company. These starters include all the features necessary for the widest range of large displacement commercial diesel engine applications. They also utilize the fewest number of SKUs – three Bosch Long Haul Starters replace more than 186 competitive part numbers. Other notable features include an easy-to-use Universal Mounting Flange, over crank protection, an internal magnetic switch, a fixed over running clutch, a meshing spring for positive gear engagement during cranking, an isolated external ground circuit promotes and more.

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Nu-Guard PET self-closing braided sleeving

Product From Waytek, Inc.

Waytek's Nu-Guard PET self-closing braided sleeving helps save labor time and costs in the production of wire harnesses and in future maintenance projects in trucks, buses, off-road and industrial equipment. 

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Battery Monitoring Device (BMD)

Product From Delphi

The Delphi Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) measures elements of vehicle battery health to improve the overall performance and life of the battery while helping increase fuel economy. Key to an active energy management system, the component can measure three parameters essential to the determination of battery condition: current (I), voltage (V) and temperature (T). Additionally, it calculates vital State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) through specialized algorithms. The device also features a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interface for data and diagnostic communication and can be mounted on the negative battery post or integrated into a battery electrical center. 

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Mantus Tight Access Tool, No. 8041

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

Innovative Products of America's Mantus Tight Access Tool, No. 8041, can secure a plethora of materials in the most constricted areas. Made from surgical stainless steel, the tool features interlocking serrated teeth at the end of a 6" handle. The serrated teeth allow for the grabbing objects in hard-to-reach areas such as fuses, pins and gaskets. They can even double as scrapers for removing corrosion from large relay or similar spade connectors.

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Gauge Line gauges

Product From Stewart Warner

Stewart Warner's Gauge Line gauges includes 23 standard electrical and mechanical gauges that come completely kitted with senders, tubing and hardware, making the gauges easier for distributors to sell and for end users to install. They feature a more robust motor that uses a dual-wind movement, delivering more torque and improving pointer response. Additional features of the polished stainless steel gauges include lighting for optimal night-time visibility, new, contemporary easy-to-read graphics and a bright, orange-red pointer that improves the user interface.

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