collectiveFleet Fleet Maintenance Software (with video)

collectiveFleet Fleet Maintenance Software (with video)

collectiveFleet Fleet Maintenance Software (with video) Product Image

Collective Data's fleet maintenance software, collectiveFleet, is leading the way in how organizations manage vehicles, equipment and other assets. Some of the features and benefits of collectiveFleet include:

  • Improve preventative maintenance resulting in reduced downtime and increased equipment life.
  • Collect the data needed to access complete vehicle histories, cost reports, and find ways to improve efficiency.
  • Improve parts inventory management, reduce unused parts on the shelves, and increase warranty claims.
  • Gain a flexible and powerful reporting system to deliver all the information needed for better decision making.
  • The powerful work order management system helps you gather data with ease while improving productivity and reporting throughout your organization.
  • Have access to all the data necessary to help you stay compliant with DOT, OSHA, and other regulations.
  • Improve process work flow, efficiency, and verify and back up decisions with the real data.

All members of the organization, from mechanics to executives, benefit from an intuitive software interface that helps them spend less time looking for information and more time getting the job done.

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Product From Current Software, Inc.

The Current Software SQL database, comprehensive, easy to use vehicle and equipment maintenance management software is Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP compatible. This software features shop floor work orders with portable device options, bar coding, automatic parts order advice, powerful grid interface, a lifetime repair history, PM scheduling with checklists, parts and vehicle warranty tracking, a built-in PDF writer and touch-friendly mainscreen access. Other features include: an available electronic fuel interface, built-in customer files and customer markups.  Available for single user, multi-user and large scale multi site enterprises.  This tool includes annual all-inclusive licensing and support at a very attractive price, according to the company. 

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sureFleet mobile app

Product From sureFleet

By streamlining the management of fleet maintenance with sureFleet, companies save money, avoid downtime, and increase productivity. sureFleet provides system alerts for preventative maintenance services and provides detailed reporting. The complete closed-loop reporting, resolution and re-inspection process is included. The free

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Micro-percussion marking gun, No. M7000

Product From PRO-PEN USA

With ProPen's micro-percussion marking gun, No. M7000, helps users permanently mark parts of all types and even hard-to-reach parts. The unit includes a built-in touch screen and employs micro-percussion technology to indelibly mark text, logos, timestamps and even 2D codes on parts - even those that are heavy, large, flat or curved - for accurate traceability. The marking unit, controller and control interface come housed together in a single, compact system. The unit also includes multilingual P07 softwareand it enables fonts, logos and marking files to be imported and exported.

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FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2

Product From All About Computers Inc.

FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2, from All About Computers, includes PM Scheduling, Repair Orders, Inventory Control, Tire Module and Fuel Tracking, stand alone and network systems, and more. The updated version of the software now includes includes a Safety Module. This module schedules safety inspections of facilities. A complete history of all completed inspections can be tracked.The information tracked includes vehicles involved, injuries and workers compensation information, and all pictures of the incident and PDF files associated with the incident. The software comes compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.

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Dealer Locator app

Product From Carrier Transicold

The Carrier Transicold Dealer Locator app works on tablet computers, smart phones and other mobile devices. It provides ready access to its entire dealer sales and support network, and can be downloaded for Android devices via Google Play and for iPhone via the Apple App Store. The app lets fleet operators and drivers easily find and connect to any of more than 200 service operations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among its many features, the app provides contact details, hours of operation and directions to the nearest dealer or dealers in selected destinations. 

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Rotating Magnetic Hook

Product From Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics offers the Rotating Magnetic Hook. This industrial-strength hook comes rated at a 65-lb pull, ideal for hanging heavy equipment. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees and swing 180 degrees, this hook can adapt to any position without repositioning the magnet. It can securely hold cables, tools, wires and other equipment where ordinary magnets would slip and slide in workshops, garages, warehouses, contractor vans and more.

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MIR-RT version 7.10

Product From Data Dis

Data Dis' MIR-RT version 7.10 simplifies maintenance operations management with compound process improvement that reduces costs, maximizes vehicle uptime, further simplifies work for mechanics and improves safety and compliance. The new modules in MIR-RT (maintenance, inspection and reporting in real-time) provides options to create invoices, open invoices, quotes and credit notes for parts, repairs or anything else without using the Work Order module.  The software also features improved security and a secure microchip key that eliminates password type-in to save time and money in the garage.

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Mobile App

Product From Hino Trucks

Hino Trucks' Mobile App gives users personalized access to Hino's nationwide dealer network. This free app offers a collection of useful tools for drivers and puts the following resources at their fingertips including a dealer locator, "HinoWatch" (which gives users access to roadside assistance), Hino's truck models specifications and warranty info, parts offers and access to social media.

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Cyberwatch SMS + LAN

Product From Keytroller, LLC

Keytroller's Cyberwatch SMS and Cyberwatch LAN comes as two wireless hour meters. They communicate through simple text commands from a cell phone, tablet or PC and the LAN connects through the Wi-Fi network in the facility. SMS has two hour meter inputs and LAN has four and easily install to any make or model vehicle or machine. GPS location recording is also on both models. SMS users simply click the GPS coordinates in the text response to view vehicle exact location. Both devices can monitor ignition on time (hours and minutes), over/under temperature, over/under hydraulic pressure, over/under speed, and more. 

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SkipTracker Software

Product From Bionet Security

Bionet Security's SkipTracker Software helps stop "skips" in their tracks. Using biometric technology, SkipTracker uses fingerprints as well as photo images for identifying customers. Any customer who skips on their tool bill can be easily marked in the system as a "SKIP". So when that customer attempts to open an account on any other truck the original distributor receives notification, via text and internal system messaging, giving the whereabouts of their "Skipped" customer. By swiping a customer's finger, you can find out past and current account information, as well as feedback left by other tool distributors using our 5 star rating system.

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