Dupont Teflon Car Wax

Dupont Teflon Car Wax

Dupont Teflon Car Wax Product Image

New Dupont Teflon Car Wax brings the revolutionary non-stick protection of Teflon to automotive appearance products. Easy to use, these revolutionary wax products are resistant to UV rays, dirt, road grime, salts and environmental pollutants. Dupont Teflon spray wax can be used wet or dry and won't drip off vertical surfaces.

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Battery Protection products, Nos. 80368 and 80370

Product From Permatex, Inc.

The Permatex Battery Protection products, Nos. 80368 and 80370, are two easy-to-use aerosols that helps simplify battery maintenance when corrosion on terminals, cables, and connections can compromise connectivity and performance. Permatex Battery Cleaner is a fast-acting foam that clears away corrosive build up from battery terminals and connections. The a cleansing foam surrounds and penetrates the corrosion in five minutes. Permatex Battery Cleaner can be used in variety of automotive, marine, farm machinery and motorcycle battery applications. Permatex Battery Protector and Sealer helps to protect batteries, cables and terminal connections against the formation of acid salt corrosion. These products are sold separately.

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Krown product line

Product From SKF

SKF offers four rust protection products in the Krown product line including Krown Corrosion Inhibitor, Fast Acting Penetrant, Salt Eliminator and Chain Lubricant. The Krown Corrosion Inhibitor protects heavy duty and light truck body, paint, chassis, beds and plow attachments in grueling environments. It will not damage paint, plastic, rubber or electrical equipment. Krown Fast Acting Penetrant penetrates and loosens seized and rusted mechanical parts. This solvent-free penetrant remains on surfaces, lubricating and protecting parts from rust.The Krown Salt Eliminator makes removing salty deposits easy. It can be used on heavy duty vehicles, cars, vans, buses and bikes and is also safe to use on plastic, rubber and vinyl. The Salt Eliminator contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs and easily rinses to a beading, waxy finish. Each product is available in 1-gal, 5-gal or 55-gal drums, as well as an easy-to-apply aerosol can. 

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Specialist line of products

Product From WD-40 Co.

WD-40 Specialist line of products are formulated to help users get specific tasks done with ease. The line features the following products: 

  • Rust Release Penetrant penetrates deep into crevices, threads and seams to break bonds that hold stuck parts together. 
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HinderRUST lubricant

Product From Fluoramics Inc.

Fluoramics Inc. has developed HinderRUST, a revolutionary, rust-inhibiting lubricant that is solvent-free, non-aerosol based and odor free. HinderRUST is perfect in the fight against salt-water corrosion. Applying the product on parts or tools when they are new will stop corrosion before it begins. Available in many sizes to meet specific requirements, including a 4 oz can, 8 oz spray bottle, 1-gal. jug, 5-gal. can and 55-gal. drums.

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Rust Converter

Product From PlastiKote

PlastiKote's Rust Converter organically converts rust to an iron-hard, paintable surface. Non-toxic and environmentally safe, the Rust Converter formula is non-flammable and contains no hazardous chemicals. No bleed-through staining of subsequent top coat paints and no bubbling or foaming. Available in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes.

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Aero Kroil

Product From Kano Laboratories

Kroil creeps into millionth-inch spaces to dissolve rust and lubricate to loosen frozen metal parts. Now available in a new king size.

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SiliKroil lubricant

Product From Kano Laboratories

Kano Laboratories' SiliKroil is the result of the blending of Kroil, which loosens, and dymethyl silcones, which lubricate. SiliKroil penetrates to one millionth inch spaces, dissolves rust and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts and keep them moving. It can be used for frozen slides, bearings, gate valves, hinges, chains, locks, rollers or any place needed to loosen a frozen part and provide long-lasting, non-evaporating, silicone-enhanced lubrication, the company says. Kroil is now available in eight sizes including a new 16.5 oz economical industrial size.  

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Rust & Corrosion Solution

Product From Eureka Chemical Company

Eureka Chemical's Fluid Film provides a solvent-free solution for rust and corrosion problems. Consisting of a lanolin base that penetrates and stops rust on contact, the solution also provides lasting lubrication while insulating and protecting electrical connections. Safe on paints, plastics and synthetic rubbers, Fluid Film will not readily wash off a surface. It can be used as a vehicle undercoating, to protect battery terminals, to stop squeaks and to provide lasting protection for wheel wells, inside fenders, springs, bottoms of doors, spare tire parts, drain holes and more. Fluid Film's deep penetration and non-drying characteristics also make it ideal for freeing up rusted, seized and corroded parts.

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Product From Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
Nansulate® from Industrial Nanotech, Inc., is a nanotechnology-based coating which provides corrosion prevention, insulation and mold & moisture resistance in a clear, thin-film coating. It is easy to apply, low VOC, and is proven to reduce energy & equipment costs. Get Info Now

VpCI -705

Product From Cortec

VpCI-705 is a new additive from Cortec Research Laboratories that brings a powerful corrosion inhibitor to control the corrosive characteristics of all 3 biobased fuels. Patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology, VpCI-705 provides protection for all common engineering metals used in fuel systems including aluminum, cast iron, steel and a few others.

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