Enhanced Oil Analysis Program

Enhanced Oil Analysis Program

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Kendall's Enhanced Oil Analysis Program is designed to assist managers in reducing costs by making more informed and accurate maintenance decisions. The program is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for equipment condition monitoring.

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Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, No. 95120-CVT

Product From Fluid Rx Diagnostics

The Fluid-Science Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, No. 95120-CVT, by Fluid Rx Diagnostics, provides a quick and easy way to identify the true condition of Nissan fluids. This Instant Lubricant Diagnostics kit provides service personnel and customers with a simple, on-the-spot evaluation that shows the actual condition of all Nissan and Infiniti fluids including brake, power steering, CVT transmission and transfer case fluids. There is no guesswork, and the results are verified within seconds of fluid testing. Only one drop of the Nissan CVT is needed to accurately measure the condition of a vehicle’s fluid and results are instant. 

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Laboratory Fluid Analysis Programs

Product From Luber-Finer, Inc.
Luber-finer, a division of Champion Laboratories, Inc., and a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty filtration products has recently added oil analysis kits to their Laboratory Fluid Analysis Programs to better maximize customer return on fleet investment. The Oil Analysis Program will help keep equipment running cleaner and longer, and increase bottom-line profits. Get Info Now

Oil, Fuel, and Coolant Analysis

Product From Polaris Laboratories

POLARIS Laboratories offers extensive testing on oils, fuels, coolants and water-based fluids. Most routine testing is completed in 24 hours with immediate data analysis available through our internet service, HORIZON. POLARIS specializes in customizing comprehensive maintenance programs that maximize asset reliability and provides oil and cooling systems training and consultation services.

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Product From CITGO Lubricants

CITGO's HD LubeAlert® allows fleet maintenance managers to get up-to-date engine oil analysis at the click of a mouse. Using the security of an Internet website, HD LubeAlert doesn't require paper filing, and lists only those units with current or potential problems. Available for fleets using CITGARD® 600, CITGARD SynDurance™, Mystik JT-8®, and Mystik SX-8® products, HD LubeAlert eliminates the traditional wait for test results to come in the mail. The company claims that the typical fleet customer can save approximately 48 cents per gallon of oil using LubeAlert.

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Free Oil Checkup

Product From Dingo Maintenance Systems

To reveal fully the monetary and management benefits of MaintenanceGuy, Dingo Maintenance System's signature condition-monitoring service, the company is offering a free oil analysis evaluation on a first-trial basis. Here's how the new program works: A maintenance supervisor logs on to dingo's website, clicks on a link offering the free oil sample analysis, and completes a simple registration form. Dingo then mails an oil analysis sample kit and sets up a unique, web-based MaintenanceGuy software account.

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AnalysisPlus™ Oil Analysis Program

Product From ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips Company is pleased to announce the AnalysisPlus™ Oil Analysis Program. ConocoPhillips has developed a new line of oil analysis testing that offers Conoco, Phillips 66, and 76 Lubricants customers multiple options designed to suit different oil analysis needs. Administered in conjunction with Dingo, a leading developer of maintenance software programs, ConocoPhillips has formulated the next generation in oil analysis.

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45 DualForce

Product From Zep Inc.

The Zep 45 DualForce is a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant and lubricant with PTFE that can be used to loosen rusty and seized bolts and screws, minimize friction, and moisturize and protect door hinges, roll-up doors and more. The 45 DualForce has a large pad actuator with a fan mist spray for wide areas and a straw to pinpoint stream accuracy in narrow areas. 45 DualForce penetrates for 10 minutes or longer while delivering the lowest percentage of wear among tested competitors, according to the company. The product’s slotted stacker cap allows for easy straw storage. With less than 10 percent VOCs, the 45 DualForce meets and exceeds California VOC future and current requirements. 

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SprayLube 990

Product From Buyers Products Company

The Buyers Products SprayLube 990 is a spray lubricant that penetrates and loosens rust and corrosion on metal-to-metal parts. Formulated with corrosion inhibitors, it protects surfaces as well as lubricates and displaces moisture. SprayLube 990 can be used to lubricate and protecting a variety of parts including pintle hooks, drive train sprockets, door hinges and many others. SprayLube 990 comes in a 15-oz can.

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78065 PWM Power Pro

Product From Hickok/Waekon

The Hickok/Waekon PWM Power Pro supplies, measures and displays variable current providing enhanced diagnostics for components and their related wiring harness. Current is supplied to DC and PWM components being tested using Pulse Width Modulation, allowing the current output percentage to be manually adjusted from 0 to 100 percent, in one-percent increments. This tool delivers 0-40 amps and displays actual current draw. This kit includes the main unit with 7' cable, two 3' 40 test leads, two battery clips, two alligator clips, two female spade probes and one male spade probe.

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CR-HD diagnostic tool

Product From Launch Tech USA

The Launch Tech CR-HD is used to diagnose and clear heavy duty diagnostic trouble codes. The CR-HD can monitor all data and view live data streams. This tool covers J1587, J1708 and J1939 and OBDII protocols for accessing engines, transmissions, brakes and more. It is ergonomic, features a 2.8” full color LCD display, includes a 6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch connectors and a 16-pin connector, and is highly portable and easy to use, according to the company.

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