UniCare Spraybooths

UniCare Spraybooths

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UniCare Spraybooths have been manufactured by Interstate Marketing Corporation in Nashville, Tennessee since 1980. Interstate Marketing Corporation offers automotive, truck and industrial spraybooths/ovens, paint mix looms and prep stations.

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Personal Air Breathing Unit, No. P-20

Product From Martech Services Co.

The Martech Services Co. Personal Air Breathing Unit, No. P-20, provides Grade D breathable air for a proper NIOSH-approved respirator, and with the provided 54" tool air hose assembly, it allows air bypass for a paint spray gun. This unit is a 20 SCFM system and works with the existing filter compressed air supply. The filter must provide air quality equal to that required for a flawless paint finish. The unit is a complete, belt-mounted system, with a built-in filter and a carbon monoxide monitor with both audible and visual alarms, continuously monitoring the air for compliance with current OSHA standards.

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Value Color Deck

Product From PPG Industries

The PPG Value Color Deck is an addition to PPG’s line of color-identification and matching solutions, consisting of 1,800 large color chips chromatically sorted and sprayed with Refinish paint. According to the company, the Value Color Deck provides the necessary color information required for most cost-effective repairs. The tool will be updated annually. Its chromatic color display opens countless possibilities of color choices regardless of vehicle manufacturer, and the large chip size, with its continuous color display, makes it easy to plaque the chip to the vehicle.

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Magnetic Paint Clamp No. DF-PC203

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

The Dent Fix Magnetic Paint Clamp, No. DF-PC203, provide a strong, professional and fast method for securing parts for controlled spray painting. Achieve a more complete coverage area on smaller parts such as mirror covers, handles, fender flares, fog light bezels and moldings. Simply twist the base to the clamp securely, stick the magnet to a metal surface and apply coating. Use more clamps, purchased separately, for heavier, larger pieces. The magnetic base can be anchored to the walls of booths even if protected with plastic film or any other stable metal object. Holds up to 5 lbs on a solid magnetic surface.

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007 Professional Spray Gun System

Product From Dura-Block

The innovative Dura-Block 007 Spray Gun System allows users to quickly change paints by simply changing the heads. Featuring high atomization and excellent flow, the fine-tune controls allow easy adjustment. A large full spectrum fan allows users to accurately place paint with minimum over-spray and virtually no orange peel. This system is available in both the three-head model (No. 007K) and the two-head model (No. 007SK).

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Special edition spray gun SATAjet 4000 B Carl Avery Edition

Product From SATA Spray Equipment

The special edition spray gun SATAjet 4000 B Carl Avery Edition from SATA Spray Equipment has a special surface treatment that lasts as long as a regular chrome coating while being eye catching, according to the company. Painters can choose between the "Super Saver" HVLP version and the "Super Fast" RP version with optimized high pressure technology. Both spray gun types come available in a non-digital or digital version and include all popular nozzle set-ups for different applications.

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"Flame" Pattern Syphon Spray Gun, No. 79SG012F

Product From Guardair Corporation

The "Flame" Pattern Syphon Spray Gun, No. 79SG012F, from Guardair has an original flame design on its 12" aluminum extension. It uses compressed air to produce a high vacuum suction to deliver a spray up to 12+ gallons of liquid an hour. It can be used for spraying of solvents, spray oils, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, mold release agents, coatings, degreasers and more. Its separate liquid and air controls provide the user with optimum flexibility and its slip-on grip provides thermal protection and extra comfort. It includes a 6' syphon hose with sinker and is OSHA compliant. Made in the USA.

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Mobile Tech Work Station

Product From Shop-Pro Equipment, Inc.

Shop-Pro's Mobile Tech Work Station comes as a portable certified 6H compliant booth that is designed to provide a ready to use solution anywhere in a few minutes. Whether it's on or off-vehicle panel or wheel prep or refinishing, this mobile unit will provide a fast and productive solution wherever it's needed, according to the company. The spray booth removes the limits from where you can work. In addition, it provides protection from the elements and shows your customers your commitment to protecting their property and the environment.

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Automatic Spray Can Refilling Machine, No. SPRF250

Product From SP Air Corporation

SP Air's Refilling Machine, No. SPRF-250, comes with compressor input pressure of 120 psi and takes eight seconds to refill a proprietary spray can, the No. SPRF250SC. The machine is 14" long, 16" wide and 36" tall. Customers can purchase in volume (1 to 5 gallon containers of different types of sprayable material) to refill the 12oz reuseable spun aluminum spray cans as often as needed. The 1 gallon will refill spray can approximately 28 to 36 times. 

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Light Duty Prying/Smoothing Tools, No. PPN300

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Flexible, durable and easy to use, the Snap-on three-piece set of Light Duty Prying/Smoothing Tools, No. PPN300, can be used for spreading or smoothing epoxy, adhesives and silicone uniformly. Other uses for the tool include cleaning small parts, paint stripping in confined spaces, removing and installing O-rings and gaskets, prying dashboard parts and vents, and prying apart electronic key fobs to access the battery for replacement. 

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FastTrack Paint Gun Washer

Product From Herkules Equipment Corp.

The Herkules Equipment FastTrack Paint Gun Washer, No. G45, speeds up the paint gun cleaning process anywhere in the shop. The washer features lightweight design and can work with Herkules Sparkle Clean Blast aerosol can cleaner. Cleans both waterborne and solvent paints.Contains the exact same low VOC cleaning formula as Herkules Sparkle Clean aerosol can cleaner. Its mounting holes and light weight make it easy to mount anywhere in the shop or in a mobile work station to keep projects moving quickly through the repair process. 

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