Load Trek Transportation Management Software

Load Trek Transportation Management Software

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Load Trek Transportation Management Software from Sheehy Enterprises is a computer program to help manage dispatching, routing, billing, cost management, and driver/equipment availability. Powerfully comprehensive business tool for trucking firms.

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FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2

Product From All About Computers Inc.

FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2, from All About Computers, includes PM Scheduling, Repair Orders, Inventory Control, Tire Module and Fuel Tracking, stand alone and network systems, and more. The updated version of the software now includes includes a Safety Module. This module schedules safety inspections of facilities. A complete history of all completed inspections can be tracked.The information tracked includes vehicles involved, injuries and workers compensation information, and all pictures of the incident and PDF files associated with the incident. The software comes compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.

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Product From AssetWorks

AssetWorks' FleetFocus incorporates twenty-five years of proven experience managing diverse fleets of all sizesin order to track all functions related to the maintenance of vehicles and equipment, including processing repair and preventive maintenance PM work orders, capturing operating expenses and offers billing and tracking for vehicle equipment usage. In addition to these standard features, FleetFocus is the only product on the market that integrates with an automated fuel management system, FuelFocus, in real-time in a single database.

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Fleet Activity Management

Product From Transfinder

Transfinder’s browser-based Servicefinder streamlines daily activities for a successful fleet management operation and provides information to make better decisions about scheduling preventive maintenance. Servicefinder helps reduce costs and vehicle downtime, lengthen vehicle life, increase technician productivity, maintain lower inventory levels and extend better control of personnel and vendors.

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CONNECT navigation integration device

Product From Networkfleet, Inc.

Networkfleet CONNECT integrates Garmin navigation devices with the company's fleet website to help users better manage their vehicles. With Networkfleet CONNECT, users can assign jobs, dispatch drivers to specific destinations, provide turn-by-turn directions and communicate with drivers in real-time, all via the driver’s in-cab Garmin device. CONNECT provides real-time or scheduled two-way messaging and notifications for easy communication with drivers in the field. 

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TRAX MT-10 Asset Tracker

Product From Morey Corporation

Combining GPS and cellular tracking, Morey Corporation offers the rugged TRAX MT-10 Asset Tracker. The Rugged TRAX MT-10 is designed to deliver business critical data which will help companies gain real-time inventory visibility with 24/7 access and immediate site check. The MT-10 employs the latest wireless communication and GPS technology to access the location data of a company's assets through a number of features: wireless connectivity via cellular modem, motion detection, over the air programming, internal antennas, battery powered. The hardened, sealed enclosure is designed to survive the harshest conditions.

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Basic Tool Manager

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Based on barcode technology, Dynamic Systems' Basic Tool Manager is a user-friendly, flexible barcode system targeted specifically for organizations that need to reduce the loss of tools and save time tracking them down for jobs. The software program tracks inventory used and prints reports and purchase orders when an item is low and needs to be reordered. It also tracks and manages all tools and equipment need for repair and maintenance jobs. 

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EZ-based Heavy Duty VCI products

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

OTC, an SPX Brand, introduced its line of Heavy Duty Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) products. The OTC EZ-based VCIs communicate with the vehicle and transfer vehicle information to a PC for efficient diagnostics of the vehicle's state of health. Powered by OTC's AirBridge 2 Wireless Technology.  This technology allows for reduced latency for fast vehicle connections; quicker more efficient diagnostics of a vehicle's telematics-even if the vehicle is moving through a hotspot; reduced interference and less vehicle connection drops; and range improvement over traditional wireless technology. Products include:

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M-Nav 760

Product From Navman Wireless USA

  Navman Wireless's M-Nav 760 is an all-in-one in-vehicle dispatch, messaging and GPS navigation unit designed for use with its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system. The device increases fleet productivity and reduces operating costs by automating communications and job routing with drivers on the road, enables compliance with hands-free phone regulations via new built-in Bluetooth technology and is built with a ruggedized housing and touchscreen to withstand heavy commercial use. These capabilities help decrease fuel consumption, eliminate delays caused by driving errors and traffic congestion and improve driver safety by providing accurate no-touch navigation without map or phone use. The M-Nav 760 also features routing based on truck attributes, driver ID functionality, pre-programmed messaging and real-time forms-based reporting.

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Asset Management Software

Product From Accela, Inc.

Accela Automation software provides functionality for tracking, managing and extending the life of fleet assets by automating costing, asset inventory, work-order management and preventative maintenance. Accela Mobile Office gives field-based maintenance teams all the key data, tools and GIS maps used by back-office staff in a simple and flexible user interface, eliminating the need for data entry at the office. GIS functionality allows fleet maintenance workers to create and edit geospatial data right from the field, dynamically adding or modifying the locations, attributes and maintenance histories of their fleet assets into the main GIS database - either in real-time or disconnected mode with synchronization at the end of the day. These GIS tools help maintenance teams build and maintain a highly accurate geospatial database of all their assets, resulting in improved team coordination and reduced maintenance costs.

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Asset Tracking

Product From SkyBitz

SkyBitz’s GLS400 is the next generation of SkyBitz’s mobile asset management solutions that use wireless satellite technology. It provides a lower overall cost of ownership through increased power, efficiency, reliability, ruggedness and service life. Packaged in a low profile, weatherproof and easy-to-install housing, the GLS400 is built to withstand the harshest environments while protecting all components and external connections with redundant connection seals. Powered by eight off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, it can be controlled and monitored through the SkyBitz InSight software application for in-transit visibility, fleet dispatch optimization, remote monitoring and control, supply chain management and safety and security. 

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