Six-Channel ABS System

Six-Channel ABS System

Six-Channel ABS System Product Image
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is introducing its new six-channel ABS system, using six independent wheel speed sensors and six independent modulators that transmit pulsating air when a wheel locks. The company claims that vehicles with six-channel ABS have shorter stopping distances and give better brake-in-lane performance than those with four- or two-channel configurations.

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Controller Area Network (CAN) Repeater and Router

Product From WABCO

WABCO Holdings Inc. has introduced two breakthrough technologies to further enhance the performance of electronic braking systems (EBS) on extra long trailers and truck-trailer combinations with two or more trailers, continuing the company’s 10-year track record of technology leadership in EBS for trailers. Available to trailer customers worldwide, WABCO’s new Controller Area Network (CAN) Repeater and Router are the industry’s first application of high-speed data transmission using CAN in-vehicle communications to improve braking performance of trailers. They significantly accelerate the transmission of the truck’s electronic braking signals to a trailer’s braking system. WABCO’s new CAN Repeater enables faster electronic transmission of braking signals in extra long trailers that are used to transport over-sized cargo such as construction materials. WABCO’s new CAN Router provides faster data transmission for truck-trailer combinations with two or more trailers equipped with EBS.

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ESP (R) Electronic Stability Program

Product From Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

The Bendix(r) ESP(r) Electronic Stability Program system is the first widely available full-stability solution for the commercial vehicle market. Unlike roll-only systems, Bendix ESP addresses both roll and directional stability through additional sensors and braking capabilities that can deliver earlier recognition and quicker intervention to help prevent rollovers and loss-of-control on a wide variety of surface conditions.

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Medium-Duty Components

Product From ArvinMeritor

ArvinMeritor's components designed specifically for medium-duty truck applications include steer, drive and trailer axles, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes, electronic brake parts, anti-lock brake systems, drivelines, shock absorbers and exhaust systems.

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Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for truck/tractor applications

Product From Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems announced today its new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for truck/tractor applications, founded on the company's existing E-version anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ESC system will be available beginning May 2005 and builds upon the already-established Roll Stability Control (RSC) system currently operating on more than 10,000 commercial vehicles across North America.

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Disc Brake Rotors with LifeShield technology

Product From Webb Wheel Products

The Webb Wheel Disc Brake Rotors with LifeShield technology have an invisible protective layer across the entire rotor surface to resist corrosion beyond what traditional coatings offer. LifeShield is a unique heat treatment process that adds increased corrosion protection and provides wear resistance. The combined benefit of more corrosion protection and greater wear resistance realized with LifeShield technology means longer rotor life resulting in lower maintenance and operating costs, according to the company. These rotors are available for popular medium and heavy duty disc brake applications.   

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2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922

Product From Robinair, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The Bosch 2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922, lists all of the company’s friction lines for domestic, Asian and European vehicles in the United States and Canada and it covers vehicles from 1946 to the current model year. This catalog lists 2,700 brake pads and shoes and 1,438 brake rotors. The 600-page print catalog covers the best-in-class Premium Bosch QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and the QuietCast Disc Brake Rotors, Euroline Brake Pads with original equipment look and feel for popular European makes and models and the Bosch Blue line of disc brake pads.

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Brake Drum Puller No. K-1356

Product From Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.

Using the K-1356 Brake Drum Puller from Kiene Diesel Accessories, techs can now safely remove a seized brake drum. This adapter works with the Kiene Wheel Whiz or Wheel Grabber. Now with the K-1356 Brake Drum Puller, techs no longer have to use a large hammer to release a frozen drum may cause damage to the drum and the mechanic. 

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TruTurn brake drums

Product From ConMet (Consolidated Metco)

ConMet's TruTurn brake drums are constructed using a unique "turned-to-balance" machining process, which improves strength by eliminating the need for weld-on weights and balance cuts. TruTurn drums are stronger and offer other advantages such as better thermal expansion for reduced brake pulsing, and improved heat transfer, so the drum and its lining stay cool. Braking force is more evenly distributed, and vibration and brake "judder" are minimized. Test after test, in the lab and on the highway, TruTurn brake drums beat the competition, according to the company. They surpass the accepted standards of the performance drag, stopping distance and durability tests.

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Genuine Repair and Replacement Parts

Product From Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Fuso makes a wide range of genuine repair and replacement parts available for fleets of all sizes. FUSO parts offer the same specifications, longevity and performance as the factory originals, according to the company, and all parts come with a 12-month/unlimited-mileage warranty. Parts inventory is maintained in Logan Township, NJ, and at satellite locations in St. Louis, Jacksonville and Sacramento. The company notes it has consistently maintained a better than 98 percent parts fill rate for the past 20 years.

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Brake Shoes

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch's Brake Shoes cover brakes and parking brakes for domestic, Asian and European applications. Features of Bosch Brake Shoes include matching OE-style design to guarantee proper fit, 100 percent asbestos-free friction formulations that ensure extended wear, rust-prevention coating that enhances durability, bonded and riveted coverage on most domestic and commercial applications that matches OE method of attachment, 100 percent all new steel shoe makes for durable construction and long life, and they come as a complete kit for easy installation (pins and levers come with the kit when necessary.)

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