Oxygen Sensor Analyzer

Oxygen Sensor Analyzer

Oxygen Sensor Analyzer Product Image

Lenehan's Oxygen Sensor Analyzer displays real-time data: closed-loop operation of 0V to 1V zirconia sensors, tests PCM control of the engine and tests the O2 sensor for range and speed using the recognized CA BAR 100ms Snap Throttle Test (pass or fail within 5 percent accuracy).

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Fuel Pressure Sensor Socket for GM Vehicles, No. A227

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on Fuel Pressure Sensor Socket for GM Vehicles, No. A227,  is specifically designed to easily remove GM fuel pressure sensors. Access to these sensors is restricted by the sensor connector and side air intake ports, so technicians often attempt to remove the sensor with pliers, which can easily damage the part. This socket is thin-walled and deeply broached giving technicians the ability to fit the socket over the sensor connector for safe removal. The A227 provides accessibility to areas where a regular 27mm socket does not work. The Fuel Pressure Socket works on a number of 2007-2011 models, including the Cadillac CTS and STS; the Buick Allure, Enclave and LaCrosse; and the Chevrolet Camaro, Cobalt, HHR, Traverse and Acadia.

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Biuret Micrometer

Product From Acustrip, Inc.

The Acustrip Biuret Micrometer, allows manufacturers, jobbers, retailers, and end users to monitor and maintain the quality of the DEF in their entire supply chain with lab-analysis supported field testing. This enables users to identify issues early. 

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IMClean California BAR-OIS DAD Device

Product From Drew Technologies

Drew Technologies, a leading U.S. manufacturer of O.E., Dealer and aftermarket OBD, J2534 and vehicle network interfaces, has recently passed alpha testing of its IMClean DAD, (data acquisition device), for use in California's new

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Duramax Turbo Vaine Position Sensor Socket, No. 12400

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The Schley Duramax Turbo Vane Position Sensor Socket, No. 12400, has been designed to remove the turbo vane position sensor on late 2004 to present GM medium duty trucks with Duramax engines. The tool also works on light duty trucks and

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Product From Megatester Inc.

The Megatester Multi-Tester is a super bright LED flashlight with a built in electrical tester that can outshine most "D" flashlights, according to the company. It is compact enough to carry all the time and can test almost all un-energized circuits 3V to 220V AC+DC circuits. Megatester can also trace wires and find bad grounds. This unit comes with two holsters: one velcro holster and one belt holster, for convenient access to flashlight and tester at all times. This unit comes with a push-button switch and How-To-Test guide, which explains how to perform basic safe testing. Megatester is made to the highest quality standards, backed by the company's unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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OE-Fit Oxygen Sensors

Product From Bosch Diagnostics

Bosch's 82 new OE-fit oxygen sensors covers 21.9 million vehicles in the United States and Canada including a variety of domestic and import applications – both Asian and European. Besides a host of passenger cars, minivans and SUVs, the new coverage also includes several hybrid vehicles. These part numbers cover General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, Kia, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Volvo, BMW and other makes. 

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Model OT900 Oil/Service and Airbag Reset Tool

Product From Roadi

The Roadi OT900 Oil/Service and Airbag Reset Tool is specially designed to reset oil service lights, oil inspection lights, service mileage, service intervals and airbags for most major Asian, American and European vehicles without using the OEM scan tool.  This tool features step-by-step, on-screen manual reset instructions, and is updateable via the Internet. Accessories include OBD II and OBD I connectors, a USB cable, extension cable, plastic case and user manual.

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SmartTach+COP Multisystem Ignition Analyzer

Product From General Technologies Corp.

The General Technologies' TA500 SmarTach+COP Multisystem Ignition Analyzer is capable of testing and diagnosing ignition systems on engines using: coil on plug, coil near plug, DIS (distributor-less) or waste spark, magneto and conventional distributor/ignition coil technologies. Simple to use, the TA500 requires no special adapters, cables or a scope and is equipped with a large digital display that shows spark plug voltage, spark burn time, RPM, as well as min/max readings in real time. 

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Palm Abbe DEF-201 Handheld Digital Refractometer

Product From MISCO Refractometer

MISCO’s Palm Abbe DEF-201 handheld digital refractometer is designed specifically for testing the concentration of urea-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). In addition to reading DEF, the refractometer can be programmed to read up to four more critical automotive parameters such as engine coolant freezing-point, engine coolant concentration, brake fluid water content and windshield washer fluid. Options for the instrument include a rubber-armor jacket (in one of three colors), a virtually indestructible storage case and NIST traceable certified calibrations.

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Retail Battery Test and Maintenance Center

Product From Auto Meter Products Inc.

Auto Meter Products introduces the Retail Battery Test and Maintenance Center. Charge and analyze batteries quickly and accurately in the rugged, on-board, protective enclosure using the AGM-optimized, patented “Smart Clamp”-equipped, XTC-160 Fast Charger/Tester, featuring infrared battery temperature sensing technology. When users need to get “hands on,” go mobile with the AGM Optimized BVA-260 Professional Hand Held Electrical System Analyzer. Test confidently with specially designed, long-reach “gator clamps” for those “hard to reach” terminals and integrated IR battery temp sensor for improved test accuracy. 

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