Four-piece Air Hammer Kit, No. MC4S

Four-piece Air Hammer Kit, No. MC4S

Four-piece Air Hammer Kit, No. MC4S Product Image

Matco Tools' Four-piece Air Hammer Kit, No. MC4S, features black-onyx finish for corrosion resistance and 9260 superior grade tool steel for tough applications. Kit includes:

  • 6" slotted panel cutter, No. MC2306.
  • 6" cold chisel, No. MC2302.
  • 1-1/8" cut multi-purpose scraper, No. MC2401.
  • 4" hammer, No. MC2390.



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Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

The Dent Fix Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX, is a complete aluminum repair station, which allows shops to start working on highly profitable aluminum repairs. The five steps for aluminum repair are covered by the tools included in this set: Expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent. Unique features to this system include the locking doors and dust cover that ensures the tools are isolated from outside contaminants. The Aluspot includes a five-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

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1/4" Power Drive Locking Extensions

Product From SK Hand Tool, LLC

The SK Hand Tool 1/4" Power Drive Locking Extensions  offer various extension lengths to provide solutions for hard-to-reach areas. Extensions lock into power drives, thus preventing accidental disconnection during use. A knurled sleeve provides easy attachment and removal of sockets. The one-handed lock mechanism with ball retention ensures socket retention and allows for faster socket attachment and removal. These tools come with a black oxide finish to help protect against corrosion. They can be purchased in three sizes and a three-piece set.

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Inductor Max Professional Induction Heating System

Product From Induction Innovations

The Induction Innovations INDUCTOR MAX is a professional-grade induction heating tool operating on convenient 120V, 20 amp electrical supply, outputting 2,000 watts of power with a one-year warranty.

Using high-frequency magnetic fields, users apply precise invisible heat to metals where normally would not or could not have before. This tool heats faster and safer than torches, and is more powerful than a heat gun. With Inductor attachments, this unit instantly heats ferrous metals without the risk of damaging nearby plastics or rubber.

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XL Air Hammer Drift Set, No. PHGL37KT

Product From Blue-Point/Snap-on

Blue-Point's XL Air Hammer Drift Set, No. PHGL37KT, can break free hard-to-reach bolts and pins that have seized due to rust and time. Designed for suspension work where rusted shock and strut bolts cannot be accessed with conventional length punches and tapered drifts. The drifts provide extra driving force of an air hammer where needed and its 5" long parallel shaft design does not get stuck in deep holes. The set includes the three most commonly used sizes (8 mm to 5/16-inch, 10 mm to 3/8-inch and 12 mm to 1/2-inch) and a canvas pouch for storing. 

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Flange Lever, No. 20037

Product From Steck Manufacturing

Steck Manufacturing's Flange Lever, No. 20037, quickly accesses hard-to-reach damaged frame flanges, door and hood edges and radiator supports to bring back to proper edge alignment. Double-ended reverse 1/4" hook design is made from hardened alloy steel. The flat hook allows for easy manual alignment; the 35-degree angle bar allows access areas like radiator supports.

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Spray Gun Holder

Product From Morgan Manufacturing, Inc.

Morgan Manufacturing's Spray Gun Holder magnetically attaches to spray booth wall and will hold two full spray guns without sliding or tilting. Two support positions for gravity-fed spray guns, two support positions for siphon-fed spray guns and center notch in unit to hang the end of an air hose. Powdercoat finish.

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EZ-350D Shop Pro Windshield Repair System No. 36110

Product From Delta Kits, Inc.

The EZ-350D Shop Pro Windshield Repair System from Delta Kits is designed for the serious technician who does a high volume of repairs in a shop environment. This double bridge system allows users to work on two repairs simultaneously and also includes everything needed to easily handle a simple chip repair to the more complex combination break and crack repairs. The EZ-350D Shop Pro system includes two new and exclusive B250 repair bridges with I-100 injectors, both of which carry Delta Kits Limited Lifetime Warranty. All Pro series systems come with the multi-functional Spring Hammer, a three-in-one tool that includes a probe, depth gauge for drilling, and spring loaded hammer used in crack repair.

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Blair Flanger

Product From Blair Equipment Company

The Blair Flanger quickly produces steps joints for panel repair and welding. Repairs can be made faster because there is no need to remove the panel from the vehicle and there is no distoration of the material. The Flanger is lightweight and has a 7" cam action that quickly springs back open for positioning of the next step. Made in USA.

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5-piece Hole Saw Kit No. MTN55880

Product From Mountain

Mountain Tools and Equipment offers the 5-piece Hole Saw Kit No. MTN55880. Features and benefits include professional grade bi-metal hole saw; cobalt high speed steel teeth that resist heat and wear; and the ability to cut 1-1/2" deep holes, as well as hard and soft metals, nail embedded wood, wood and fiberglass. The kit includes 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", one arbor and adapter, and is perfect for use on all types of metal. 

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Aggressor Foam Compounding Pad No. 11310

Product From Wizards Products

Wizards Products has launched a line of foam buffing pads. The Aggressor Foam Compounding Pad, No. 11310, offers the fast-cutting action of a wool pad in a convoluted foam design. Its super-aggressive foam material offers the fastest cut available from a foam pad on the market today, according to the company. This 8", Velcro-backed pad is compatible with the Wizards 7" Bendi-Backer Backing Plate, No. 11207.

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