Mobile Air Conditioning Trainer Stage II

Mobile Air Conditioning Trainer Stage II

Mobile Air Conditioning Trainer Stage II Product Image

The Mobile Air Conditioning Trainer Stage II, from Merced A/C Equipment Service, is built from Ford OEM 2010 Crown Vic components with zero emissions and helps beginning and advanced techs learn visually for better retention. Techs will learn about vehicle HVAC systems and proper belt tension and R-134a recovery/recharge procedures. The trainer is available for purchase or rent.

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Thunderbolt Specifications

Product From Chief Automotive Technologies

Chief Automotive Technologies Thunderbolt specs include comprehensive frame and upper body measurements for thousands of cars and trucks, offering collision repair shops a single, easy-to-use resource for accurate repairs. Thunderbolt specs include measurements for window and door openings, tailgates, hoods, engine compartments, trunks and rear hatches, body openings and body widths. Pre-release vehicle data is added continually and updated daily for those who order the online version. 

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ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program

Product From Automotive Lift Institute, Inc. (ALI)

Annual vehicle lift inspections performed by a qualified lift inspector protect technicians, shops and customer vehicles. They are also mandated by ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008, the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. The

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Powerbuilt Digital Inspection Videoscope, No. 941199

Product From Alltrade Tools

The Alltrade Tools Powerbuilt Digital Inspection Videoscope, No. 941199, has a 36"-long flexible, wide-angle camera shaft that can snake into an opening 11/32" in diameter. Users have the ability to view and rotate the 2.4" color LCD display, and the ability to brighten or darken the picture for easier viewing. The videoscope comes with an attachable hook, magnet and mirror for versatility. A d

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Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227

Product From Waytek, Inc.

The Waytek Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227, allows users to access and review key information quickly for any equipment-building project. The catalog can be downloaded to the user’s desktop for quick reference and ease-of-use. Items in the electronic catalog are linked to the website for additional product information, current pricing, data sheets, and other products. Products can be found by flipping page-by-page, clicking on index descriptions or by entering the page number. A tile function also allows the user to see all pages on one screen and select the pages they need from there. A features button allows users to flag and add notes to frequently used pages for ease-of-reference.

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Bosch now offers online WebEx training

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch technical training programs are now available to technicians and shop personnel via an online/WebEx format that brings the most current diagnostic and parts information right to the desktop in the shop. The visual information is delivered via computer and the audio is delivered via phone.

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i-Guard Website

Product From STRATTEC Security Corporation

The STRATTEC Security Corp. i-Guard Website, at, is an RFID electronic immobilizer system developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. The i-Guard website features a user-friendly design that enables visitors to learn about the i-Guard system and its applications. The site features diagrams that illustrate how i-Guard works, as well as a media area for press materials and contact information.

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Auto Introductory Technical Education Program Set, No. 83090

Product From GearWrench/Apex Tool Group

The GearWrench Auto Introductory Technical Education Program Set, No. 83090, features carefully-designed selections to fully equip the student technician with the tools necessary to conquer the service and repair challenges in the automotive, heavy duty diesel, machinery and aviation fields. The set features a selection of over 100 screwdrivers, pliers, sockets, ratchets, wrenches and general purpose tools. Each set also includes storage for sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools to help promote efficient tool organization.

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Alldata repair information

Product From Alldata Corp.

With Alldata Repair Information, the shop has instant access to a single source of accurate, up-to-date OE-direct diagnosis, repair, and maintenance information. Available online 24/7 and automatically updated, the database offers information covering more than 33,000 engine-specific vehicles. Repair procedures, diagrams and TSBs are specific to each vehicle for fast, factory-correct repairs.

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Product From Innova Electronics Corp.

The Innova Quicklink device pairs with a smart device for immediate access to a virtual dashboard of information that can help keep vehicle owners safe, save time and money and provide peace-of-mind. The Quicklink can be used to solve check engine problems, check for road trip readiness, double-check automotive repair shop estimates, improve fuel economy and more. It is compatible with 1996 and newer import and domestic cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids. Quicklink users also have easy access to RepairSolutions online free basic reports. 

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Value Color Deck

Product From PPG Industries

The PPG Value Color Deck is an addition to PPG’s line of color-identification and matching solutions, consisting of 1,800 large color chips chromatically sorted and sprayed with Refinish paint. According to the company, the Value Color Deck provides the necessary color information required for most cost-effective repairs. The tool will be updated annually. Its chromatic color display opens countless possibilities of color choices regardless of vehicle manufacturer, and the large chip size, with its continuous color display, makes it easy to plaque the chip to the vehicle.

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