Seminar webcasts

Seminar webcasts

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Technicians Service Training's webcast seminars include different nationally recognized instructors every month. G Truglia, John Thornton, Mark Warren, and Bernie Thompson are a few of the instructors now available in your home or shop for training. Technicians do not need to wait for top-notch training in their area or travel at their expense to one of the many conferences.

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Thunderbolt Specifications

Product From Chief Automotive Technologies

Chief Automotive Technologies Thunderbolt specs include comprehensive frame and upper body measurements for thousands of cars and trucks, offering collision repair shops a single, easy-to-use resource for accurate repairs. Thunderbolt specs include measurements for window and door openings, tailgates, hoods, engine compartments, trunks and rear hatches, body openings and body widths. Pre-release vehicle data is added continually and updated daily for those who order the online version. 

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Bosch now offers online WebEx training

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch technical training programs are now available to technicians and shop personnel via an online/WebEx format that brings the most current diagnostic and parts information right to the desktop in the shop. The visual information is delivered via computer and the audio is delivered via phone.

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i-Guard Website

Product From STRATTEC Security Corporation

The STRATTEC Security Corp. i-Guard Website, at, is an RFID electronic immobilizer system developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. The i-Guard website features a user-friendly design that enables visitors to learn about the i-Guard system and its applications. The site features diagrams that illustrate how i-Guard works, as well as a media area for press materials and contact information.

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ASE Online Technician Test Preparation

Product From Chilton & Delmar - Cengage Learning

Delmar presents its Online ASE Test Preparation materials covering the A1-A9, L1, P2, X1, C1, T1-T8, and B2-B6 exams. The comprehensive approach ensures you will be better prepared to pass the exam.  The A1-A9, L1, P2, X1 and C1 courses have all been recently updated and are bilingual.

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ShureTech Bench Systems

Product From Shure Mfg. Corp.

Shure offers their ShureTech Bench Systems, with a design that works to maximize shop organization and technician efficiency. Each unit integrates storage and a larger working area with features that include:

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email Technical Newsletter

Product From Veejer Enterprises

Veejer Enterprises provides a free e-mail technical newsletter. Receive vehicle electrical troubleshooting information and tips. Click here to sign up. 


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Product From Clean Burn

Clean Burn has introduced a company website at The interactive site includes an innovative "compare" feature that encourages visitors to compare the components of Clean Burn units to those found in other furnaces. The design of the new site makes it easy to navigate between product information, tips on selecting the right furnace for the right setting, product manuals and environmental information.

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Rislone 710 High-Performance Oil Treatment, No. 4471

Product From Bar's Products

Rislone 710 High-Performance Oil Treatment, No. 4471, uses a high-viscosity formula that increases oil film thickness, building a thicker oil cushion that increases oil pressure to enable a worn engine to produce more power and run quieter. Rislone 710 works with all gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high-mileage and synthetic oil.

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Training videos

Product From AVI-Automotive Video, Inc.

For quick video tips to help you become more efficient in the shop and with your tools and equipment, check out Team AVI's video section at

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3/8" Micro Cordless Impact Wrench, No. CT561

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's 3/8" Micro Cordless Impact Wrench, No. CT561, provides power and speed in a small package, delivering up to 50 ft./lbs. of max torque output at 2,500 rpm. Features:

  • Over-sized forward/reverse toggle-style trigger.
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