Electronic Lube Meters

Electronic Lube Meters

Electronic Lube Meters Product Image

Lincoln upgraded its Electronic Lube Meters, now Nos. 980, 981 and 982, for vehicle maintenance, lube truck and industrial applications. The meters each feature a large, easy-to-read, six-digit digital display with two-decimal-point precision. The pressure rating has been increased to 1,500 psi, and the flow capability has been improved to 8 gpm.

  • No. 980 has a 90" flex hose with swivel and manual tip.
  • No. 981 has a 5-1/2" rigid spout with an automatic tip.
  • No. 982 features a 13" flexible extension with an automatic tip.


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Product From Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

All-Trans Supreme® is a premium quality fully synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid that offers true multi-vehicle performance, wear protection and exceptional fluid life. All-Trans Supreme

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N500 Series High-Pressure Spring-Rewind Reel

Product From Hannay Reels

Hannay Reels' N500 Series high-pressure spring-rewind reel is specifically designed for the automotive industry to apply lubrication where necessary. Equipped with a compact frame and mounting base, this reel can be easily installed in almost any location. 

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Ford Fuel Filter/Oil Filter Cap Tool No. FFW2

Product From Blue-Point/Snap-on

Blue Point offers the Ford Fuel Filter/Oil Filter Cap Tool, No. FFW2. With a 3/8" hex, this tool includes a 36mm hex and six notches allows tool to work as a fuel filter and oil cap socket. Works on fuel filters for Ford F250 thru F550 trucks; E250 thru E350 Econoline Vans, Excursion and Super Duty; 1998 to present Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel. Works on oil filter caps for 2003-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel; 2008 to present Ford 4.6L Turbo Diesel; some International/Navistar trucks and Volkswagens.

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Parflex Division Lubrication Hoses

Product From Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker Hannifin’s Lubrication Hoses from the Parflex Division are designed for grease and lubrication. Parflex HLB hose operates in temperatures from –40 to +212 degrees F.  For extreme temperatures (–100 to +450 degrees F) Parflex 919 PTFE hose can be outfitted with the same style bulkhead grease zerk fitting as the HLB hose. For hand held grease gun applications, the Parflex 53GW hose is  designed with steel fittings and bend restrictors to reduce the risk of grease injection injuries. Lubrication hoses are available in 1/8” and 3/16” sizes.

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8-qt. Dispenser with Cap and Lid No. 19702

Product From Lisle Corporation

The updated Lisle 8-qt. Dispenser, No. 19702, offers a spout cap and lid to keep out contaminants. This dispenser works great to transport bulk oil. Constructed of a translucent polyethylene material to enable the user to read the oil level on the container up to 8 quarts. This container is marked in both quarts and liters. Flexible, removable 8" pouring spout enables easy transfer of liquid. Now in a gray color. 

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Metal Oil Bar and Spigots No. 84951

Product From Lincoln Industrial

Lincoln Industrial introduces its new Model 84951 Metal Oil Bar with a three-spigot capacity, and locking and non-locking spigot variations available. The Metal Oil Bar features a modular design constructed entirely of steel and a 2.9-gal. removable reservoir. Lincoln’s locking and non-locking spigots have 3/4" NPT outside threads and 1/2" NPT inside threads and a pressure rating of 750 psi. Their wetted components are steel, aluminum and nitrile rubber for compatibility with hydraulic and other medium-viscosity oils up to SAE 90. 

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Oil Change Gloves No. H2033L

Product From CLC (Custom LeatherCraft)

Custom LeatherCraft offers their Oil Change Gloves, No. H2033L. These gloves features nitrile palm and fingertips. Made of a durable knit nylon shell, the H2033L gloves come in one size. 


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Drain Plug Pro No. 5911

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

OTC introduces the Drain Plug Pro, No. 5911, to magnetically engage with the oil drain plug to prevent dropping or loss of plug during oil changes. With its flexible neck and strong magnetic end, the OTC 5911 allows users to remove a pre-loosened oil pan drain plug-in any orientation, from any position, without dropping, and while protecting fingers and hands from hot oil stream. The patented design ensures a universal fit to automotive drain plugs.

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Interlocking Drip Pans

Product From DripPans USA

The interlocking design of DripPans USA's Interlocking Drip Pans allows users to join multiple drip pans along their edges, protecting floors in an infinite arrangement of shapes and sizes. The sturdy, yet lightweight, drip pans are easy to set up and clean up. The drip pans are made of black polyethylene and are available in 18" x 48" and 24" x 30" sizes. Each is approximately .125" thick and 1.25" deep. Made in the USA.

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LFC 5000 ADP Interface

Product From Lincoln Industrial

Lincoln recently introduced its new LFC 5000 ADP Certified Interface for fluid inventory and control in vehicle maintenance facilities. Designed to accurately track the use of fluids, oils and greases, the system works with the dealer management system to improve productivity by allowing mechanics controlled access to lubricants and other fluids without leaving their bays. The LFC ADP Interface confirms valid and open repair orders and captures dispense events instantly and automatically to prevent manual entering and errors. Accounting functions are completed on the repair order and invoice, recording inventory depletion and eliminating lost billings.

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