Dominator Weld Wakker

Dominator Weld Wakker

Dominator Weld Wakker Product Image

Mayhew Tools' Dominator Weld Wakker two-piece seam cutting chisel set, no. 60005, easily separates spot weld or bonded panels on quarter panels, rockers and any other pinch weld. Sharpened end allows for penetration between the panels, while the sharpened edge allows for side impact to drive the panels apart without damage. Use for weld breaking and prying in auto body applications. The two piece set features heat-treated and tempered steel for maximum durability and the patented Dominator handle for striking.

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22-pc Scraper Set with Non-Marring Blades, No. 17008

Product From Titan U.S.

The Titan 22-pc Scraper Set with Non-Marring Blades, No. 17008, includes 11 of 0.020” razor blades, 10 non-marring scraper blades and one 9” razor scraper. These non-scratching/non-marring scraper blades can be used for scraping finished surfaces, labels and decals from glass, windshields and more. The 9” razor scraper accepts standard single edge razor blades and non-marring blades.

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Trim Panel Scraper Set, No. DF-620TPS

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

The Trim Panel Scrapper Set, No. DF-620TPS, from Dent Fix comes with 12 pieces which can easily and safely remove interior and exterior trim pieces. It helps remove air conditioning vents, door trim clips, dashboard pieces, plastic track guards around carpet openings and more. Instead of breaking these delicate parts, they can now be saved and reused. Eleven of the trim pieces come double-sided to provide a wider range of options to get the job done. A heavy duty body panel clip remover, needed to provide more leverage on tough to remove clips, completes the set. A velcro enclosed canvas pouch keeps the tools organized.

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Dominator heavy duty scraper set, No. 60026

Product From Mayhew Tools

Mayhew Tools' Dominator heavy duty scraper set, No. 60026, includes a 17" scraper with a 3" blade made from 5/8" square steel and a 14-1/2" scraper with a 2" blade made from 1/2" steel. Designed for heavy duty applications with wider blade widths that will not bend under extreme loads. Assembled with the patented Dominator handle which includes metal end cap for striking and two composite material for superior comfort and control.

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Stainless steel dual bevel striking scraper set, No. SSC100

Product From Durston Mfg. Co./VIM Tools

Durston/VIM Tools' Stainless Steel Dual Bevel Striking Scraper Set, No. SSC100, can break sport welds, and split seams and body panels. Designed to be struck on the anvil end or side of the blade. Tools feature 5/32" (.155") thick stainless steel blades and two component handles with thumb stop grip and anvil striking surface. Blade is heat treated and thick for durability and comes with a rubberized handle for comfortable use.

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ShureTech Bench Systems

Product From Shure Mfg. Corp.

Shure offers their ShureTech Bench Systems, with a design that works to maximize shop organization and technician efficiency. Each unit integrates storage and a larger working area with features that include:

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Rislone 710 High-Performance Oil Treatment, No. 4471

Product From Bar's Products

Rislone 710 High-Performance Oil Treatment, No. 4471, uses a high-viscosity formula that increases oil film thickness, building a thicker oil cushion that increases oil pressure to enable a worn engine to produce more power and run quieter. Rislone 710 works with all gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high-mileage and synthetic oil.

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3/8" Micro Cordless Impact Wrench, No. CT561

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's 3/8" Micro Cordless Impact Wrench, No. CT561, provides power and speed in a small package, delivering up to 50 ft./lbs. of max torque output at 2,500 rpm. Features:

  • Over-sized forward/reverse toggle-style trigger.
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Inductor U-555

Product From Induction Innovations

The Inductor U-555, for use with Induction Innovations' PROMAX and MAX models, yields at least 40 percent more power for applications. Inductor U-555 features a more ergonomically slip-resistant hand grip, and an ultra-bright LED illuminating the work load. Faster and safer than a torch, it instantly heats and removes seized metal or mechanical hardware and parts from corrosion and/or thread lock compounds without the danger of an open flame.

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TU-470B Fuel Injection Cleaner

Product From Lang Tools

A&E Hand Tool's Fuel Injection Cleaner, No. TU-470B, reduces potential damage by allowing the gauge and manifold assembly to be separated from the canister during filling. The new neck design reduces damage to the O-ring by limiting exposure to the cleaning solution. An integrated check valve prevents fluid from backing up through the regulator. The two-gauge design allows the technician to view the vehicle pressure and set the working pressure simultaneously.

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Product From Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter's CodeLink is an efficient and economical solution for the growing number of vehicles that require steering angle sensor reset after an alignment. CodeLink wirelessly connects Hunter's WinAlign alignment system to the vehicle's OBDII to recalibrate SAS to match the final alignment angles of the vehicle and properly complete an alignment. CodeLink fully integrates into the WinAlign system to work quickly and easily with the software's simplified and standardized procedures.

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