EngineCheckUp analysis test sheets

EngineCheckUp analysis test sheets

EngineCheckUp analysis test sheets Product Image

With EngineCheckUp's analysis test sheets, from Fluid Rx, anyone can easily check the status of vehicle fluids with one drop on a test pad. The economical test packages include test pads and comparison charts for easily visible results that can be shared with the customer. Quickly tests transmission, coolant, steering, brake and differential fluids.

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Product From JGB Enterprises Inc.
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Universal Radiator Pressure Tester, No. 7858DX

Product From Astro Pneumatic Tool Co.

Astro Pneumatic's Universal Radiator Pressure Tester, No. 7858DX, makes testing higher pressure cooling systems and pressure caps easy. Gauge tests pressure ranges from 0 lbs. to 35 lbs. Color-coded dial gauge allows easy and accurate testing of higher pressure cooling systems. Everything comes in a blow-molded case.

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Line Splice including angled fittings

Product From AirSept Inc.

AirSept's Smart Splice line splice kit now come with 45 and 90 degree angled connections available in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" SAE sizes. The straight fittings in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" SAE sizes, and 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 16mm metrics. Repair a damaged metal line in five minutes; works on steel or aluminum lines, including A/C, transmission, heater and power steering lines. The Line Splice works with an open-end wrench. Burst tested to 2,200 PSI. Features advanced seal and vibration resistance technology that make it superior to traditional compression fittings. 

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Fluid Evacuators, Nos. MV7201, MV7400 and MV7300

Product From Mityvac

Mityvac has improved its line of Fluid Evacuators, Nos. MV7201, MV7400 and MV7300, for better performance and reliability. Changes include:

  • Improved lid gasket design to prevent leakage between the lid and reservoir; sealing surface area has been increased for an airtight seal during vacuum and pressure applications.
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FastFit fluid exchange fittings for T-TECH

Product From Clore Automotive

Clore Automotive's FastFit line of fittings, for use with the T-TECH line of transmission fluid exchange equipment, reduce T-TECH set-up time for a wide variety of vehicles. FastFit fittings allow instant connection to the T-TECH Service Hose Adapters for quick service set-up. All fittings in the program utilize the same male connection on the T-TECH side of the fitting, enabling quick mating with the new Service Hose Adapter, which has a coupler with a matching female FastFit connection.

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Vision, Firefly A/C gauge sets

Product From Cliplight Manufacturing

Cliplight Manufacturing's Vision (No. 309) and Firefly (No. 310) introduce sight glasses to refrigeration manifold gauge sets. The patent-pending Vision's manifold makes refrigerant/oil inspection quick and easy with a deep-well see-through sight glass that uses ambient light. The patent-pending Firefly combines a built-in 2-times magnifying sight glass with both white or blue LED backlighting to illuminate refrigerant, contaminants and whether the system has UV dye. The back-light increases refrigerant visibility by 75 percent when combined with the magnification feature. Both are available in blow-molded storage cases with 72" charging hoses, Nos. 309KIT and 310KIT.

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22-gal. Portable Poly Antifreeze Drain

Product From JohnDow Industries, Inc.

JohnDow Industries added the 22-gal. Portable Poly Antifreeze Drain (No. JDI-22DCAF) to its Crew Chief line for dedicated antifreeze service. The unit is made of high-impact polyethylene and is designed for high-volume shops. A 16" metal catch pan funnels fluids to the drain caddy that rolls on heavy-duty casters and stationary wheels. The Antifreeze Crew Chief tank is built with an oversized drain tray to store tools and filters, as well as catch excess fluid run-off. Includes an optional conversion kit (No. 61431-2) that adapts the drain for use with a pump evacuation system.

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Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine

Product From Link New Tech

The Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine, from Link New Tech, features four see-through fiberglass tanks (20-gal capacity). The QD7S exchanges coolant and vacuums air pockets from most car and truck radiators in under five minutes without spills or removing hoses. The 10" long stainless steel telescopic trash chute prevents spills. The Qwik Draw QD7S has a convenient tech tray to hold tools, additives and accessories. 

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Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6

Product From BG Products, Inc.

The BG Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6, installs 50/50 coolant quickly and efficiently while simultaneously removing worn out coolant. The CT6 provides a quick and efficient alternative to traditional drain-and-fill coolant exchange methods, according to the company. With a 15-gal capacity, it is designed to service heavy duty equipment with or without running the engine. This process sends clean fluid through places in the coolant system not accessible when fluid is flowing in the regular direction.

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9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470

Product From CTA Manufacturing Corp.

The CTA 9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470, allows for fast and spill-free oil filling on a wide range of Asian, European and domestic makes and models. As many new oil cap and filter designs require special funnels, this oil-filling system allows the use of one funnel with seven color-coded adapters. A unique aluminum swivel-extension arm allows for hard-to-reach, low-clearance and angled applications.  

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