Outdoor Store storage solution

Outdoor Store storage solution

Outdoor Store storage solution Product Image

Developed in partnership with Ban-Air Storage Systems, the Stanley Vidmar Outdoor Store storage solution is a fully steel-clad warehouse built around heavy-duty adjustable racking. The Outdoor Store offers features including the appearance of a regular warehouse both internally and externally; the capacity for relocation; and the ability to be situated on varying floor conditions with no need for separate foundations. Can be configured to accommodate a range of different-sized products. The Outdoor Store is enclosed either fully or partially and can be fitted with roller shutter doors for higher security.

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All-Bin Cabinet, 36-BB-240

Product From Strong Hold Products

The bin storage cabinet from Strong Hold Products comes completely assembled. The cabinet has yellow bins. Other color bins are available on request at an extra charge. The large bins measure 8’1/4” wide by 14’2/3” deep and 7” high, holding up to 60 lbs. The small bins measure 4’ 1/8” wide by 7’3/8” deep by 3” high and will hold up to 10 lbs.

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Smart Wall Modular Storage System

Product From JohnDow Industries, Inc.

JohnDow Industries Smart Wall Modular Storage System is a new and innovative concept to keep workshop tools and supplies organized, secure and accessible at all times. The Smart Wall features sliding storage panels mounted in a heavy duty steel frame. Smart Wall panels accommodate a variety of tools. Storage layouts can be customized using accessories including hooks, shelves and parts bins. JohnDow’s system is available in two, three or four sliding panel modules. Additional modules can be added as required. A four-panel system provides 144 sq. ft. of storage in a compact 25 sq. ft. area. This easily expandable system allows users to mount up to four sliding doors in one cabinet, and features all-steel construction, a durable powdercoat finish and reinforced punch steel storage panels Panels extend to view the entire storage areas, and can hold up to 250 lbs. This unit measures 46”W x 76”L x 89”H.

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C42 Series Tool Trolley

Product From Beta Tools

The Beta Tools of Italy C42 series tool trolley can be purchased in a two-module unit (C42S) or three-module unit (C42H). This trolley features a metal panel construction, a telescopic handle, oversized 6-1/4" diameter casters and small bins built into the top for quick access to fasteners. The modules snap together and release by pulling the side handles up. The top box can be removed and carried as a self-contained tool box. The bottom modules are accessed by removing the module above it. The sheet metal frame is painted before manufacturing leaving no exposed steel which would be vulnerable to rust.

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Hybrid Storage System

Product From Rousseau Metal Inc.

Rousseau's Hybrid Storage System with shelving and drawers allows users to easily find stored items, with drawers equipped with a 100 percent extension. It can save space equivalent to six traditional shelving units condensed into one high density storage unit, thereby allowing the user to increase space without increasing square footage. Rousseau drawers can be installed in more than 35 different brands of shelving available on the market. The shop can simply order the mounting brackets designed for the shelving they already have on hand. 

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Modular Drawer Cabinets

Product From Stanley Vidmar

The Modular Drawer Cabinets by Stanley Vidmar come designed with the modularity and flexibility of building blocks, allowing storage to grow one or more cabinets at a time as needs expand. The storage units come completely customizable with several options available for height, width, color, number of drawers and drawer layouts. The fully enclosed cabinets protect valuable and sensitive items from dust and damage allowing items to maintain a like-new appearance. Furthermore, drawer options within any cabinet housing can be rearranged or interchanged with other cabinets. Each fully extendable drawer can hold up to 400 lbs and has a lifetime guarantee.

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5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010

Product From Ken-Tool

Ken-Tool's 5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010, reduces the side-force energy resulting from a catastrophic sidewall zipper rupture of a Super Wide-Base tire by 93 percent. The reduction of side-force energy can be achieved thanks to expanded steel mesh deflection barriers welded to the insides of the cage tubing. The cage features a five mandrel-bent, high-strength 12-gauge, 2-1/4" diameter structural steel tubes, welded to a 3/16" thick steel plate base with a 2.0" wide, 1/4" thick reinforcing strap welded to the tubes.   The tire cage comes 48" long, 30" wide and 56-1/4" tall. Made in the U.S.A.

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8 drawer service tray rack cabinet

Product From Craftline Storage Systems

Craftline Storage Systems’ 8 drawer service tray rack cabinet has heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides and solid steel drawer bottoms. With different configurations this heavy duty cabinet can store eight compartment tray boxes with the ability to support 100 lbs, for a total storage capacity of 800 lbs. The cabinet comes modular in design and can be used with all other Craftline products to create the perfect storage system. The cabinet comes with two heavy duty lockable catches and heavy duty carry handle. Cabinet dimensions: 20.5”W x 12.5”D x 30”H.

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Rotating Magnetic Hook

Product From Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics offers the Rotating Magnetic Hook. This industrial-strength hook comes rated at a 65-lb pull, ideal for hanging heavy equipment. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees and swing 180 degrees, this hook can adapt to any position without repositioning the magnet. It can securely hold cables, tools, wires and other equipment where ordinary magnets would slip and slide in workshops, garages, warehouses, contractor vans and more.

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Impact Line of Automotive Workstations

Product From Borroughs

Borroughs' Impact Line of Workstations offer a durable and sharp-looking storage solution. This durable toolbox features a 100-year warranty, a reinforced steel frame and a 16-gauge stainless steel top with polished top. The toolbox also comes with a maplewood top as well. It has a large aluminum handle for increased maneuverability and the box itself comes in seven different powdercoat painted finishes. Their ball-bearing drawers can hold 400 lbs of tools. Heavy duty keyed barrel locks coupled with an anti-tilt locking mechanism ensure the security of its contents.

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Third generation DEF insulated tanker

Product From Oilmen's Truck Tanks

Oilmen's third generation of its DEF insulated tanker used for hauling Diesel Exhaust Fluid includes insulated tank, insulated and heated cabinet, insulated and heated piping, and protected pumping equipment. The 4000 gallon DEF truck tank has the ability to self-load from a large DEF bulk tank that is commonly used at a distributor's facility, bulk plant or railcar. Piping that allows the operator to bypass the hose reel is also standard equipment that enables rapid metered deliveries. Additional improvements include better accessibility to components and vibration reduction materials that will prolong equipment life.

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