GYR complete brake repair system

GYR complete brake repair system

GYR complete brake repair system Product Image

The Pro-Cut GYR complete brake repair system directs a technician to make in-spec brake repairs, and then captures the finished condition of each serviced rotor. The system includes a bar code scanner, laptop computer (with GYR application) and on-car brake lathe. A tamper-proof data system captures and records critical brake geometry upon completion of the brake rotor resurfacing. Reports on every repair can be printed, transmitted via email or even harvested from off-site.

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Fluid Line Stopper Kit, No. FLS330

Product From S.U.R.& R. Auto Parts Inc.

The S.U.R. & R. Fluid Line Stopper Kit, No. FLS330, is designed to stop the mess when replacing fluid lines. It can help make line repair work easier and cleaner to perform.This kit features a cone-shaped tip and the spring-loaded stoppers lock into place to plug the line. Leaking ends and fluids are kept safe from the risk of contamination. Included within the kit are four stoppers, which can be used to plug lines 3/16" to 1/2" as well as those using a banjo-style connection. The stoppers are also available for purchase individually.

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Vacuum Brake Bleeder, No. MV6870

Product From Mityvac

Mityvac's Vacuum Brake Bleeder, No. MV6870, bleeds brakes and hydraulic clutches by utilizing compressed shop air between 60 and 150 psi. The brake bleeder features a compact, 1.3-quart (1.2L) reservoir and 4' (1.2M) bleed hose with molded support. The unit offers a comfortable, lever-action throttle with lock-on latch and a durable composite handle for long service life. It 

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On Car Brake Lathe (OCL 2000)

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Featuring a compact design to fit in tight wheel wells, the Bosch On Car Brake Lathe (OCL 2000) quickly turns and resurfaces rotors without disassembling or removing components of a vehicle’s braking system and with no run-out compensation needed. This tool eliminates the need for run-out compensation, providing 100 percent parallel place between brake pads and rotors. 

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MaxPro Secret Weapon Reverse Brake and Clutch Bleeder

Product From Phoenix Systems

The Phoenix Systems MaxPro Secret Weapon is a premium, one-person brake and clutch bleeding system constructed of heavy-duty steel and die-cast aluminum. The MaxPro Secret Weapon features patented reverse brake bleeding technology. Using the simple law of physics, that air rises in fluid, one person can bleed brake and clutch systems in minutes or any system that is difficult to bleed—even ABS systems. This kit include the MaxPro Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeder; BrakeFree, to help remove rusted bleeder screws in seconds and 100 patented BrakeStrip strips to for brake fluid testing.

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Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set, No. AC71475

Product From Mac Tools

Mac Tools' Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set, No. AC71475, creates production quality brake lines. This kit fabricates push connect 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8"; GM fuel line flare, brake lines and transmission 5/16" and 3/8"; flare/double flare 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" and metric bubble flare 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The tool set comes in custom molded box.

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Vacuum/Pressure Pump Kit, No. MVP 5000

Product From Matco Tools

Matco's Vacuum/Pressure Pump Kit, No. MVP 5000 includes components for performing hundreds of automotive diagnostic and mechanical test (such as opening an EGR valve) and for one-person brake bleeding. Includes an one finger trigger vacuum/pressure release for easy one hand operation, larger 12 oz. bottle with (2) quick connects that swivel for the bottle and other adapters and a durable compound pressure/vacuum gauge.

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Pro-Link iQ and Pocket iQ diagnostic platforms

Product From NEXIQ Technologies

NEXIQ Technologies' ProLink iQ and Pocket iQ diagnostic platforms, a family of anti-lock brake system (ABS) diagnostic software applications, provide brake coverage for a wide range of heavy duty brake applications. With the introduction of the ABS Suite, the ProLink iQ can be used as a full-service brake scan tool, providing connectivity to tractors and trailers utilizing the SAE J1587 communication protocol. The Complete ABS Kit also comes with a new J560 PLC seven-way adapter that allows direct connection to a trailer without the tractor. 

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GYR validated brake service system

Product From Pro-Cut International

Pro-Cut's GYR vbs (validated brake service system) guides technicians through the entire rotor matching process, insuring that discs can be matched to industry specs. The finished metrics (rotor thickness and run-out) of each rotor are captured and saved to the on-board tablet and the Cloud. In addition, color-coded customer reports are available for print-out. The system includes a bar code scanner, tablet computer with GYR application and Pro-Cut in either the PFM 9.2 or Warthog model. The GYR vbs works in this sequence: The VIN is transmitted via barcode scanner and the GYR application pulls the rotor specs for the vehicle. The system then saves the metrics of each finished rotor.

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Universal brake lathe adapter

Product From W.Y. International

The W.Y. International Quick Chuck has a unique self-centering design that makes it a simple, quick and precision brake lathe adapter for machining hubless rotors and drums on any 1" arbor brake lathe. The weight and mass of the Quick Chuck with backing plate virtually stops chatter and vibration in its tracks, while eliminating run-out and set-up problems. The Quick Chuck, with all optional accessories, allows machining of rotors and drums while centering holes from 2-1/8" to 5-3/4", from compact cards through 1-ton trucks. 

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QuickComp Lathe

Product From Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter Engineering Company offers the QuickComp lathe featuring a two-way adjustable compensation adaptor that works with Hunter's patented Pro-Comp computerized compensation to adjust for lateral runout of the hub in seconds. This capability allows for shops to refinish rotors within OEM specifications in a matter of minutes. Other features include: ACT (Anti-Chatter Technology), which oscillates the speed of the lathe to prevent the buildup of vibration that can occur on any fixed-speed lathe; ServoDrive, which enables the technician to vary the spindle speed and rotational torque of the lathe while in operation; and reverse rotation, which proves beneficial when servicing some vehicles with limited-slip differentials.

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