magnetic plug weld tool

magnetic plug weld tool

magnetic plug weld tool Product Image

Durston Manufacturing Co.'s magnetic plug weld tool works on all sheet metal and steel to facilitate welding up holes and voids. It can be used anywhere that users can get access to the backside of the panel. Features include:

• Weld can be started in a circular motion in the center of the hole.

• Wire will not feed through hole, requiring the operator to stop and cut off overfeed.

• Copper alloy backing plate takes on heat and helps reduce panel distortion.

• Ideal for small holes to 3/8".


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2014 Equipment Catalog

Product From Lincoln Electric

 The Lincoln Electric 2014 Equipment Catalog details the company’s MIG, TIG and multi-process equipment, as well as plasma cutting systems, welding automation, fume control systems, training product solutions, orbital welding systems, accessories and welding gear products. New in 2014, the welding consumable section now includes product numbers to enable quick cross-referencing or order placement. The catalog also features a bound-in, removable copy of the company’s expanding Welding Gear catalog, including Red Line personal protection apparel, Viking auto-darkening helmets and Radius tools. It can be downloaded and viewed on Apple iOS devices with the company’s Lincoln Library mobile app.

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DX Fluid Extractor Series

Product From Vacula Automotive, a division of CEJN Industrial Corporation

Vacula's DX Fluid Extractor Series extracts fluids from vehicle brakes quickly and safely via vacuum bleeding, and generates slight overpressure to empty the unit's fluid canister. The series features universal seals that enable the safe extraction of all kinds of nonflammable fluids, even aggressive-type brake fluids. The equipment is ready to use for brake bleeding, and comes equipped with PVC hose fitted with a universal adapter and a suction probe.

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Dual 80 Technology Ratchet

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's ratchet with Dual 80 Technology has not only garnered awards for being one of the best new tools on the market, but it also has become a big hit with service technicians who realize that it is quite a unique product. The Snap-on Dual 80 Technology ratchet may look like other ratchets but it has an extremely fine-tooth gear with 80 teeth on a surprisingly compact head - just 1-13/16" wide and 1/2" deep.

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Flex Head Ratchet, No. FLF80

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on 3/8"-drive flex head ratchet, No. FLF80, offers up to 300 ft./lbs. of torque. Seven teeth come in contact with the gear to provide strength and durability. Dual 80 has 25 percent less ratcheting arc than previous designs, and requires only 4.5 degrees of swing arc to engage the next gear tooth. A sealed head keeps dirt out of the head mechanism.

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WV522B Nitrogen-Generating Smoke Machine

Product From Vacutec

N2 EVAP Testing Equipment Vacutec's WV522B Nitrogen-Generating Smoke Machine generates pure, dry nitrogen from shop air and uses it to deliver diagnostic smoke into a vehicle's EVAP system. This prevents a volatile oxygen-fuel vapor mixture in vehicles' EVAP systems by removing the 21 percent of oxygen normally found in the air. Other features include:

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Ford Drive Line Impact Sockets

Product From Sunex Tools

The Sunex Ford Drive Line Impact Socket is specifically designed for driveline applications on Ford Mustang, Crown Victoria, Taurus, Explorer, Expedition, Excursion, Ranger, F150 and Mercury equivalents from 1980s to present. Featuring a unique 12mm, 12 point universal design, this tool eliminates the need for the extensions and wobble sockets and is engineered to sit flush over the fastener to reduce wear on the fastener and socket wall. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Pressure Sensitive Electrical Safety Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive electrical edges that stop a machines operation in key presence sensing conditions depending on the product selection. These products are used for safety, sensing and detection among many operations throughout the world. Improve shop safety with safety edges for lifts, toe activation for machinery, safety bumpers for vehicle detection, road switch mats for vehicle counting. Offer trapped key interlocks and non-contact interlocks for guarding of machining and equipment areas, power switching of machinery and access control.
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Stinger DS LED flashlight

Product From Streamlight, Inc.

Boasting up to 18,000 candela (peak beam intensity) and 180 lumens measured system output, the C4 Power Stinger LED and Stinger DS LED flashlights from Streamlight nearly double the brightness of the earlier models with the next advance in LED technology. Both models are constructed of machined 6000-series aircraft aluminum and a non-slip rubberized comfort grip with anti-roll rubber ring. Both provide high brightness for up to 1.75 hours of continuous run-time, up to 3.5 continuous hours at medium brightness and up to 6.75 continuous hours at low brightness.

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True Flex Knee Pads

Product From True Source Enterprises, Inc.

True Flex Knee Pads, from True Source Enterprises, are uniquely jointed to move with the natural motion of the knee. Great for welding applications, nylon woven straps are 1” wide on top and 1-1/2” on the bottom are placed in such a way as not to bind behind the knee yet maintains a positive fit to keep the pad in place kneeling, standing, walking or running. The unique zip clip easily allows the user to put the knee pad on and off quickly and adjust even while in use. 

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Champion 145 Welder/Generator

Product From Hobart Welders

Hobart Welding Products announces the new Champion 145 Welder/Generator, replacing the Hobart Champion 4500 Welder/Generator. This lightweight and compact unit features a larger gas tank – 6.25 gal. compared to 1 gal. on the Champion 4500 – that provides longer run times.  The unit provides up to 145 amps of DC welding power, offers exceptionally smooth arc-starting capabilities and can accommodate stick electrodes up to 5/32" diameter. The Champion 145 Welder/Generator offers 4,500 surge watts of AC power, making it an excellent choice for emergency backup or for powering hand tools, grinders, lights or battery chargers.

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