The Tube Grip

The Tube Grip

The Tube Grip Product Image

The patented Tube-Grip from Valco Cincinnati improves handling and dispensing of any material packaged in a flexible tube and maximizes the usage of all material in the tube, so no materials are wasted. The Tube-Grip can dispense the thickest sealant through a very small opening, allowing for better application control. It also reduces clean-up time and the possibility of skin contact or other problems caused by excess material accidentally squeezing out of the tube.

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Clip-On Magnetic Parts Dish

Product From V8 Tools Inc.

The V8 Tools Clip-on Magnetic Parts Dish, No. V8 3803, saves technicians time by helping to prevent the loss of missing e-clips, bolts or drain plugs. To use, technicians must clip the V8 3803 anywhere onto themselves as a holster for parts or small hand tools. Three powerful, rare-earth magnets hold the dish securely. This dish is specially designed to hold long parts and tools. It is made of a strong and durable plastic. 

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Telescoping Marksman Spout

Product From WD-40 Co.

The Telescoping Marksman Spout, from WD-40's 3-In-One brand, provides 6" of extra flexibility when applying multi-purpose oil for applications such as lubricating moving parts, penetrating rust, and cleaning and protecting tools and equipment. The Telescoping Marksman Spout is useful when precise control is required, even in hard-to-reach places, and its on-and-off twist tip helps avoid unwanted spilling. The ergonomically-shaped bottle is easy to use. The compact size fits in toolboxes, pockets and tool belts, and the clear product-fill indicator makes it easy to see when the bottle of oil is empty.

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Spot Weld Drill Bits

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

Mueller-Kueps introduces a wide selection of high-quality Spot Welding Drill Bits. The drill bits are available in various sizes and three different coatings: Standard High Speed Steel Cobalt Alloyed, Titanium Nitride and Titanium Carbon Nitride. According to the company, these double-coated drill bits allow the highest cutting speeds, interrupted cuts and best profitability due to long life time.

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Large Standard V-DrillGuides

Product From Big Gator Tools

The Big Gator Tools Large Standard V-DrillGuides are offered in standard and metric sizes. V-DrillGuides are manufactured from special heat-treated nickel-alloyed steel for durability and longevity. The V-DrillGuides feature a precision ground base to assure stability and accurate perpendicular alignment of drill bits on flat surfaces. The V-groove allows for perpendicular alignment of drill bits on round and square cornered materials. Large Standard V-DrillGuide drill sizes include: 3/8”, 25/64”, 13/32”, 27/64”, 7/16”, 29/64”, 15/32”, 31/64” and 1/2”.

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Membrane Dryer, No. AMD-035

Product From Walmec North America

The Walmec Membrand Dryer, No. WNA AMD-035, lowers the humidity level by venting it harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere. A flexible input-hose assembly eliminates the hazards of damage from vibrations in piped compressed air systems and allows the Membrane Dryer, to be installed in any position. The four-stage pre-filtration includes differential pressure gauges and comes complete with mounting brackets. The differential pressure gauges provide a visual indication of required maintenance, which is easily done by installing the appropriate service kits. The Membrane Dryer works with waterborne paints and other sensitive tasks. The Membrane Dryer has a flow rating of 35 SCFM and maximum working pressures of 150 psi.

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Extra Long Air Hammer Pneumatic Drifts No. 11600

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The unique design of the SP Tools Extra Long Air Hammer Pneumatic Drifts, No. 11600, allows users to remove long bolts that have become frozen in place due to rust and time, including shock bolts and suspension arm bolts. These bolts are often too long for conventional pin punches or tapered drifts to push the bolt through a rusty bushing sleeve. 

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Universal Terminal Driveability Kit, No. 16-200

Product From AESwave (Automotive Electronics Services, Inc.)

The AESWave Universal Terminal Driveability Kit, No. 16-200, includes a huge number of items such as a piercing clip that pierces through insulated wires without cutting or stripping insulation and detachable test probes that allow easy cable extension during testing. Alligator clips are ideal for battery terminals or clip connections.

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Product From CanDo

CanDo OBD Aid is more than just a breakout-box; it is ideal for diagnosing and identifying OBDII-related errors while communicating with a diagnostic scan tool. The display helps by monitoring the voltage supply and indicates if low battery power is an issue. It features a "quick test," which will individually diagnose each pin of the OBDII port.  The data saver cable comes with surge voltage protection, short circuit and polarity protection. The OBD Aid is a fast and easy way to properly check a 16-Pin DLC port prior to scan tool communication or ECU flashing.

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DR Reader

Product From Balcrank Corporation

The Balcrank DR (Digital Registry) Meter provides innovative technology in a digital meter for precise dispensing of fluids. With no calibration required, this meter features Liquid Crystal Polymer gears (LCP), stainless steel shafts, and a precision machined aluminum die-cast fluid chamber to maintain the tight tolerances needed for repeatable accuracy. Together with individual testing for performance and accuracy guarantees precise dispensing regardless of the fluid viscosity, outside temperature and system pressure.

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Utility Brush No. 509SSHQD

Product From E-Z Red Company

The E-Z Red Utility Brush, No. 509SSHQD, cleans rust and corrosion from metal parts and removes paint, for use prior to welding and other applications, using an electric or pneumatic drill. The brush features a steel shaft with quick-disconnect.

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