41-piece tuner kit

41-piece tuner kit

41-piece tuner kit Product Image

Standard Abrasives Motorsports Division now offers professional engine builders and tuners a handy assortment of accessories for die-grinders and drill motors that will facilitate porting, polishing and prepping engines. The kit, No.260007, contains mandrels, cartridge rolls, cross-buffs and flap wheels designed for use in the tight confines of smaller displacement engines. The 41-piece kit comes in a handy, compartmentalize clear plastic carrying case that measures little more than 8" x 4" x 1-1/4" and will fit in most any tool storage box.

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Clip-On Magnetic Parts Dish

Product From V8 Tools Inc.

The V8 Tools Clip-on Magnetic Parts Dish, No. V8 3803, saves technicians time by helping to prevent the loss of missing e-clips, bolts or drain plugs. To use, technicians must clip the V8 3803 anywhere onto themselves as a holster for parts or small hand tools. Three powerful, rare-earth magnets hold the dish securely. This dish is specially designed to hold long parts and tools. It is made of a strong and durable plastic. 

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Product From Megatester Inc.

The Megatester Multi-Tester is a super bright LED flashlight with a built in electrical tester that can outshine most "D" flashlights, according to the company. It is compact enough to carry all the time and can test almost all un-energized circuits 3V to 220V AC+DC circuits. Megatester can also trace wires and find bad grounds. This unit comes with two holsters: one velcro holster and one belt holster, for convenient access to flashlight and tester at all times. This unit comes with a push-button switch and How-To-Test guide, which explains how to perform basic safe testing. Megatester is made to the highest quality standards, backed by the company's unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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Wrench Connection Set, Nos. WC100 and WC200

Product From E-Z Red Company

The E-Z Red Wrench Connection set connects almost any 6-point or 12-point tool to another, making the possible angle and leverage combinations almost limitless. Molded-in magnets assure hold, allowing these tools to connect any wrenches to each other no matter how long, short  or offset they may be. Also connect socket to wrenches with or without the use of extensions, or no matter how deep or shallow sockets may be. Two sizes available: No. WC100 low-profile metric Hex set includes sizes 8mm-19mm; No. WC200 low-profile SAE hex set includes sizes 1/4” to 13/16”.

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Blair Flanger

Product From Blair Equipment Company

The Blair Flanger quickly produces steps joints for panel repair and welding. Repairs can be made faster because there is no need to remove the panel from the vehicle and there is no distoration of the material. The Flanger is lightweight and has a 7" cam action that quickly springs back open for positioning of the next step. Made in USA.

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High Speed flaring tool kits

Product From BrakeQuip LLC

BrakeQuip offers a professional kit (No. BQ350), standard flaring tool kit (No. BQ351), a 37 degree only kit (No. BQ352) and a 37 degree kit for anyone who has a Sykes Pickavant 270 series flaring tool kit (No. BQ352-SP). The professional kit (BQ350) creates 37- and 45-degree single and double flares as well as DIN.

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Kukko 3-Arm Quick Adjusting Universal Pullers

Product From Anglo American Tools

The Anglo American Tools Kukko 3-Arm Quick Adjusting Universal Pullers were diligently and cleverly designed to contain features such as the use of “ArmLock” technology, which guarantees maximum stability of the sliding arm and the claw. The geometry of the puller’s crossbar and sliding parts has been optimized (rounded) to ensure particularly easy movement of the extractor hooks along the crossbar, while offering a rock-solid hold once positioned on the bolts. The knurled-knob adjusters enable quick loosening, positioning and tightening of the puller arms by hand, requiring no wrench.

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W30 LifeLight

Product From AE Light

AE Light offers the explosion-proof W30 LifeLight LED flashlight. This light offers a powerful 270 lumen for more than three hours of operation, and a dim setting at 50 lumeen for 72 hours of operation. Rated Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-G, T4A, the W30 LifeLight is waterproof to 600', and durable enough to be run over by a truck. Comes with a lifetime warranty. For more information,

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Aluminum silicone

Product From Cyclo Industries

Cyclo Industries has added another silicone gasket maker to its line of products: Aluminum Silcone. Use this formula for gasket replacement or coating gaskets for valve covers, intake manifolds, water pumps, thermostat housings and more. Also works well for coating frayed wires and hose leaks. This formula works in high temperatures, up to 600 degrees F, and is 100-percent silicone with no fillers added. Oil-, transmission fluid- and anti-freeze-resistant, as well as pressure resistant, up to 5,000 psi.

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Sidekick and Wingman multi-tools

Product From Leatherman Tool Group Inc.

Leatherman introduces two new entry-level multi-tools: the Sidekick and the Wingman. Constructed from 420 stainless steel, these tools feature Leatherman’s popular outside-accessibility-to-tools design. These tools include the following features: a saw, file, knife, scissors, screwdriver, pliers, bottle/can opener, serrated knife and more. Backed by Leatherman’ s no-hassle, 25-year warranty.

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QD Series Torque Instruments

Product From Snap-on Equipment

Snap-on’s QD series click type torque instruments, Nos. QD2R100 and QD3R250, feature a certificate of calibration, with actual certification readings and instrument serial numbers. The minimal friction “hour glass” cam retains and releases lubricant where needed to reduce friction. These torque wrenches are accurate to +/- 4 percent clockwise and +/- 6 percent counterclockwise from 20 percent to 100 percent full scale. With a positive stop, the instrument cannot be accidentally disassembled if wound down past scale. Storage case included. 

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