MFX HD35 and FX HD35 Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchangers

MFX HD35 and FX HD35 Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchangers

MFX HD35 and FX HD35 Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchangers Product Image

Snap-on offers their HD35 Series Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid X-Changers that perform transmission and power fluid steering exchanges quickly and accurately. The Snap-on MFX HD35 model (EETF304A) performs transmission and power fluid steering exchanges and the FX HD35 model (EETF303A) exchanger solely replaces automatic transmission fluid. Both units offer easy to use flush and fill features that replace old power steering fluid in about 8 minutes. Users can control the exchange rate through a remote pendant control and both units have vehicle-specific adapter hoses that connect directly to transmission cooler lines. Additional features of both units include:

  • Advanced sensor technology controls the amount of fluid exchanged.
  • The ability for users to add or remove fluid at 1/5-quart increments.
  • Machine status indicators display the amount of fluid exchanged.
  • Special diverter valves allow users to reverse fluid flow without having to switch hoses.
  • Large diameter fill holes for quicker fluid exchanges and reduced risk of spills.
  • Equipped with two 10-micron fluid filters that captures the smallest particles. And contaminants.
  • Made of dent-resistant polyethylene and have a built-in storage compartment.

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Used Fluid Combo Drain/Evacuator No. 3639

Product From Lincoln Industrial

The Lincoln Industrial Used Fluid Combo Drain/Evacuator, No. 3639, is designed to collect fluids, including motor oil, coolant and transmission fluid, from beneath lift-mounted vehicles by evacuation directly from fluid reservoirs or through dipstick tubes. One of three new used fluid drains, the portable, upright drain/evacuator offers a 15" diameter collection funnel and a 25-gal, welded-steel tank supported by two heavy duty, 4" casters and two 6", fixed-axle wheels. The unit’s powerful, compressed-air-operated Venturi vacuum quickly draws fluids from reservoirs, and its own reservoir has a fluid level sight gauge, combination air chuck/pressure relief valve and safety relief valve. Six evacuation wands of varying flexibility, diameter and length are included.

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Import-Specific Power Steering Fluid

Product From The Penray Companies, Inc.

The Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid from Penray comes blended specifically to meet the requirements of late-model European vehicles. The fluid can maintain especially stable viscosity characteristics over a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures, with improved flow at low operating temperatures. It also features anti-wear agents to promote long life of internal power steering components, consistent with the extended fluid change intervals as specified by these automakers. It can also be used in hydraulic suspension systems, hydraulic shock absorbers and traction control systems.

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TC10 transmission

Product From Allison Transmission Inc

The Allison Transmission TC10 transmission offers five percent better fuel economy for tractor trucks, demonstrating an improvement over manual and automated manual transmissions. Tested by 100 different fleets in real world duty cycles over the last two years, it has been shown that the better fuel economy, coupled with renowned reliability, durability and ease of operation. The transmission comes designed for both city and highway tractor duty cycles and provides a blended architecture with full power shifts, a torque converter and a twin countershaft gear box. Benefits from being rated up to 600 horsepower and 1,700 pound-feet of torque at launch, with 10 forward speeds and two reverse.

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PXA9 Transmission Flush

Product From Link New Tech

The fully automatic, patented Link New Tech Power Xtreme Quick Transmission Fluid Changer (No. PXA9) is able to exchange ATF directly from the transmission fill tube without any mechanical pumps or bladders, in under 10 minutes. The PXA9 is designed with a 10-gal capacity and special see-through tanks. It can be used on cars, trucks and SUVs. It is fast and easy to use, keeps a shop work floor clean and is environmentally safe. There are no hazardous chemicals for the technician to come in contact with. All Power Xtreme machines are under 99 lbs to save on heavy duty construction, with fiberglass tanks. This machine comes with a one-year warranty.

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1/2 Ton Air/Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack, No. HW93720

Product From Hein-Werner Automotive

The American made, Hein-Werner 1/2 Ton Air/Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack, No. HW93720, was built for efficient, long-lasting use. The lift operation has two stages, air operated and hydraulic, for a total maximum height of 72". The wide base frame is built for added stability, while the 4 PU swivel casters make for easy maneuverability in your shop. The saddle adjustments are made simple with the big, easy-to-grip crank handle for the placement you need to get the job done. Secure the load with the hefty nylon safety straps that help anchor the transmission. 

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Complete Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Product From International Lubricants, Inc.

Lubegard's Complete Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid can be used in place of low viscosity applications. Available in 1 quart or 6 gallon sizes, this fully synthetic whole fluid can be used in new transmissions and benefits from being backward compatible with older automatic transmissions that call for DEXRON as well as Honda applications that call for Z-1 ATF. Includes proprietary LXE Technology providing exceptional heat and wear protection with improved frictional and shear stability. This helps prevent torque converter shudder, improve shift quality and imparts excellent torque carrying capacity for long clutch and component life. 

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PXT touch screen transmission flush machine

Product From BG Products, Inc.

BG Products' PXT touch screen transmission flush machine comes with a full color display that makes it easier and quicker to perform necessary transmission fluid services. Includes software that walks the user through the procedure, calibrated scales that prevent the wrong distribution of fluid, dual gear-driven pumps that prevent the intermixing of old and new fluid along with a five minute run time, and two seven gallon tanks to hold new and used fluids. For use with BG or any brand transmission fluid.

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Inner tie rod end boot kit

Product From Beck/Arnley Worldparts Inc.

Beck/Arnley's inner tie rod end boot kits include the tie rod, with additional parts if necessary, along with a steering rack boot and fasteners for the steering rack. There are 62 part numbers for 745 applications, which covers 28,149,089 registered vehicles in the U.S.. This allows shops tp match to more current OE tie rod offerings, which sometimes includes boots and/or boot mounting hardware, without paying the OEM price.

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Synthetic universal power steering fluid, No. 7004B

Product From Petra

Petra's Synthetic universal power steering fluid, No. 7004B combines low temperature fluidity with shear stability to meet and exceed the most stringent performance requirements of the OEMs. This product comes formulated for use in power steering systems that require high performance lubricating fluids such as CHF+ found on German vehicles. Features: keeps power steering units clean, reduces wear and valve noise over a wide temperature range, non-foaming and non-corrosive, compatible with all power steering systems, and conditions seals and hoses.

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Stop Leak concentrates, Nos. 1010, 1420, 1630

Product From Bar's Products

Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate, No. 1010; Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate, No. 1420; and Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate, No. 1630, come in 11 oz bottles. Bar’s Leaks’ Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate can seal leaks caused by normal engine wear and age. Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate can stop leaks caused by normal transmission wear and age. Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate stops leaks caused by normal power steering system wear and age, according to the manufacturer. Concentrates can be used with all domestic, import and heavy duty fluids, including petroleum, mineral oil synthetics and ATF.

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