Shure-Step III

Shure-Step III

Shure-Step III Product Image

Now available is the Shure-Step III, a new stepping platform for getting to "those hard to reach" places on vehicles or around the shop. Features include:

  • 39" long, 15" wide and weighs 16 pounds.
  • Designed not to tip or slip while in use.
  • Construction which allows dents to automatically pop out.

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Shop Tools Jack and Vise Pads

Product From PROTHANE

PROTHANE offers Shop Tools, made from PROTHANE's unique compound and molded into pads and inserts for jacks and vises. These are soft yet firm cushions, which provide protection against metal-to-metal contact. The unique qualities of PROTHANE make it impervious to grease, oil and transmission fluids. Products now available include: the Jackpad 3", 5", 7-1/4", 9"; Jack Stands Pads fits heads, 1-1/2" x 4-1/2", 2-1/2" x 4-1/2", 1-1/2" x 6"; and Vice Pad universal vise jaw fit has imbedded magnets to hold them on the jaws.

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Folding Stands & Wall Brackets

Product From Stertil-Koni USA

The Stertil-Koni foldable stand is available in a tall or short version. Foldable stands can support capacities of 18,000 lbs to 26,500 lbs each. With a base circumference of only 12" when folded, each stand occupies 113" of space. As a result, these innovative stands give back valuable shop space. Stertil-Koni offers a wall bracket that allows the stands to be stored on the shop wall and out of the way.  

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Air-Up Series of Air Rolling Jacks

Product From W-K Sales & Distribution

The W-K Air-Up Series of pneumatic light and heavy duty rolling jacks can be customized to fit most hoist makes and models of lifts. Light duty lift models offer a range of lifting capacity from 6,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs.  while heavy duty lift models provide a lifting capacity range of 15,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs. Air-Up Jacks fit to any pit, and over 700 four-post hoist rail styles. Use W-K air rolling jacks for light and midsize auto repair shops, heavy duty vehicle repairs, oil and lube retrofits, mass transit, trucking and any other hoist/pit applications. 

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Atlas alignment scissor lift No. 12AWFSL

Product From Greg Smith Equipment Sales

The Greg Smith Equipment Sales' Atlas 'wheels free' scissor alignment lift, No. 12AWFSL, features a built-in jack system. This method is a perfect quick lift for a perimeter framed or unibody vehicle, according to the company. The wheels free runway jack system has an air actuated lock system. When fully extended, the system elevates to over 17" above the runway. System complements any GSES Atlas alignment machine.

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RJ-7 Rolling Jack

Product From BendPak/Ranger

The BendPak RJ-7 Rolling Jack provides users with the ability to raise two wheels off four-post lift runways, making automotive service for brake jobs and suspension work a cinch. BendPak’s exclusive telescoping roller design allows the runways to be adjusted for different tread widths, so a variety of vehicles can be serviced without the need for an adapter. Each jack comes complete with three safety-lock positions and stackable pad adapters for added clearance when needed. The RJ-7 rolling jack has a 7,000-lb. maximum capacity and is designed to be used with BendPak HD-14 series lifts.

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High Tonnage Lift Jack

Product From ESCO Equipment Supply Company

ESCO offers the High Tonnage/High Lift Jack, with five new models available offering lifting capacities of 100 tons to 250 tons. All models are air/hydraulic powered and balanced for easy moving, on 13” pneumatic tires/wheels. Jacks include stored lift extension saddles for easy adjustments to various lifting heights of 5”, 9” and 12”. Each jack offers a maximum width of 23”. Lifting stroke on the five models range from 14.5” to 22.75”. 

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Squangle Bar transmission jack adaptors

Product From Soren Specialties

Soren Specialties' Squangle Bar transmission jack adaptors are load supporting, stabilizing arms designed for use with almost any transmission jack, are adjustable and will safely eliminate the need to use blocks, chains or straps to stabilize transmissions, transfer cases or any similar load. It will stabilize a complete powertrain when used with their Powertrain Handler. Available in a standard model or custom heavy-duty versions.

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Protecto Jack

Product From Protoco Enterprises, LLC

The Protecto Jack, No. PJ125-DISP, by Protoco, is designed to prevent dents, scratches and holes; save your shop the cost of an unwanted repair and an unhappy customer from a falling jack handle. The unique design cushions the end of a floor jack handle and fits the most common size floor jacks of 1.25" diameter. The bright color on end of handle allows for easy visibility. Patent pending.

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Deck Lid Stick, No. DF-DLS1

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

Keep your trunks or hoods open safely while working on replacing worn shocks or fixing hood panels with the Dent Fix Deck Lid Stick, No. DF-DLS1. Adjustable height and secure footing offer a safe, comfortable work environment. The device latches into the cars locking mechanism and holds it secure.

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1572 Car Dolly

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

OTC recently unveiled their 1572 Car Dolly with a patent-pending design that allows you to clamp directly to pinch welds for less slippage. The unit's design also eliminates the need for dolly width adjustments or the use of adapters in accommodating different vehicle sizes. Additional features include an independently adjustable threaded lift saddle with rubber pads, a usage capacity of 1,800 lbs. (3,600 lbs. with the pair), a low height of 9", a high of 14", and the ability to be used with or without tires on the vehicle.

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