Tire Transport Trolley

Tire Transport Trolley

Tire Transport Trolley Product Image

Shure offers their Tire Transport Trolley to help improve shop efficiency and safety when transporting tires and wheels. In addition to added storage space, the trolley also offers

  • That ability to transport 12 to 14 tires, depending on size.
  • Heavy-duty construction with all-welded legs, adjustable cross members and four 4" industrial capacity swivel casters.
  • A powder-coated paint finish, with your choice of 22 Shure Signature colors.
  • The unit measures 54-3/4" W x 25-5/8" D x 62" H.

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All-Bin Cabinet, 36-BB-240

Product From Strong Hold Products

The bin storage cabinet from Strong Hold Products comes completely assembled. The cabinet has yellow bins. Other color bins are available on request at an extra charge. The large bins measure 8’1/4” wide by 14’2/3” deep and 7” high, holding up to 60 lbs. The small bins measure 4’ 1/8” wide by 7’3/8” deep by 3” high and will hold up to 10 lbs.

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5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010

Product From Ken-Tool

Ken-Tool's 5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010, reduces the side-force energy resulting from a catastrophic sidewall zipper rupture of a Super Wide-Base tire by 93 percent. The reduction of side-force energy can be achieved thanks to expanded steel mesh deflection barriers welded to the insides of the cage tubing. The cage features a five mandrel-bent, high-strength 12-gauge, 2-1/4" diameter structural steel tubes, welded to a 3/16" thick steel plate base with a 2.0" wide, 1/4" thick reinforcing strap welded to the tubes.   The tire cage comes 48" long, 30" wide and 56-1/4" tall. Made in the U.S.A.

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Space Saver Alignment Runway Systems

Product From Bee Line

Bee Line designed the Space Saver Ramp to be installed in a smaller area than a standard ramp alignment system by reducing the total number of machine sections required. The design of the Space Saver allows a major portion of the ramp to be raised hydraulically to an operating level equal to the height of the Advanced Aligner Runways.  The longer design of the Space Saver lifting ramp creates a more gradual incline, therefore requiring less runway sections. Once the truck is in position, the runways are hydraulically lifted with the touch of a button. The approach ramp incline angle allows low profile buses and RVs to drive on without bottoming out.

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Rotating Magnetic Hook

Product From Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics offers the Rotating Magnetic Hook. This industrial-strength hook comes rated at a 65-lb pull, ideal for hanging heavy equipment. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees and swing 180 degrees, this hook can adapt to any position without repositioning the magnet. It can securely hold cables, tools, wires and other equipment where ordinary magnets would slip and slide in workshops, garages, warehouses, contractor vans and more.

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Third generation DEF insulated tanker

Product From Oilmen's Truck Tanks

Oilmen's third generation of its DEF insulated tanker used for hauling Diesel Exhaust Fluid includes insulated tank, insulated and heated cabinet, insulated and heated piping, and protected pumping equipment. The 4000 gallon DEF truck tank has the ability to self-load from a large DEF bulk tank that is commonly used at a distributor's facility, bulk plant or railcar. Piping that allows the operator to bypass the hose reel is also standard equipment that enables rapid metered deliveries. Additional improvements include better accessibility to components and vibration reduction materials that will prolong equipment life.

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Combo Cart Locker and Oil Waste Equipment Storage Locker

Product From Shure Mfg. Corp.

The Shure Mfg. Corp. Combo Cart Locker and Oil Waste Equipment Storage Locker allows shops to store a mini-technician cart and oil waste cart while providing much needed storage space. This locker features a lower locker with locking swing-out door, upper storage enclosures with lockable swing-out door and leg levelers. Available in 22 signature powdercoat paint colors.

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SteadyWeight Wall Mountable Wheel Weight Rack with Steel Weight Kit

Product From Greg Smith Equipment Sales

Greg Smith Equipment’s SteadyWeight Wall Mountable Wheel Weight Rack with Steel Weight Kit includes one wall-mountable Wheel Weight rack; 48 Wheel Weight storage bins; 48 boxes of steel clip-on weights; one box of 1/4-oz stick-on steel weights; 112 storage bin labels; and one weight hammer. SteadyWeight manufactures high-quality clip on or stick on wheel weights in both lead and steel.

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Rapid Tire Deflators with TPMS Location Marks No. 401

Product From Lang Tools

Lang Tools introduces the Rapid Tire Deflators with TPMS Location Marks, No. 401. The cut-out on the side of the socket allows for quick and easy deflation of tires. The back side of socket has a recess so when the tire is re-inflated, the socket can go on the cap to retain the TPMS location. Sockets are marked with TPMS locations (Right Front – RF, Left Front – LF, Right Rear – RR, Left Rear – LR). Bright anodizing makes sockets easily visible on most tires and rims. Patent pending. Made in USA.

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Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575, is a complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. This kit eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press. The tools, along with the manual, provide the capability to remove the hub and the bearing, and replace both on domestic, Asian and European vehicles. It applies to cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that have replaceable wheel bearings and can be used on either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive applications.

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Excentric Turn Chuck

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

The Excentric Turn Chuck from Mueller-Kueps has a unilateral opening that allows universal usage for wheel alignment as well as easy ball-joint and inner-tie-rod replacement. Features:

  • Maximum grip on hardened surfaces.
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