Back Buddy II wheel-end tool

Back Buddy II wheel-end tool

Back Buddy II wheel-end tool Product Image

Safe Shop Tools introduces the Back Buddy II, a wheel-end tool, which is designed to roll under and bolt onto heavy brake drum and hub assemblies and then rolls out and lays over for easier servicing. The Back Buddy II tool:

  • Can handle up to 350 pounds.
  • Can prevent costly back injuries.
  • Comes with a choice of 11 different sets of adapters, allowing it to fit inboard and outboard hubs on Class 5-8 tractors and trailers.
  • Fits vehicles in both private and government fleets.
  • Can also work on large fork lifts.
  • Has an adaptor system that allows it to keep current with new wheel design.
  • Has a handle that swings down on a hinge, allowing users to wheel it into tighter spaces.
  • Contains a precision ratchet jack that can crank loads smoothly up or down 14", at a rate of up to 3" per second.

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Space Saver Alignment Runway Systems

Product From Bee Line

Bee Line designed the Space Saver Ramp to be installed in a smaller area than a standard ramp alignment system by reducing the total number of machine sections required. The design of the Space Saver allows a major portion of the ramp to be raised hydraulically to an operating level equal to the height of the Advanced Aligner Runways.  The longer design of the Space Saver lifting ramp creates a more gradual incline, therefore requiring less runway sections. Once the truck is in position, the runways are hydraulically lifted with the touch of a button. The approach ramp incline angle allows low profile buses and RVs to drive on without bottoming out.

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1200 CFM Blower No. MTN5000

Product From Mountain

The Mountain 1200 CFM blower, No. MTN5000, works well for larger jobs and open workspaces. Features and benefits include the ability to move 1,200 cfm of air up to 30' away; a three-speed switch that allows the user to adjust air speed; two grounded convenience outlets with over current protection for simultaneous use with other power tools and accessories; a four-position adjustment for concentrated air flow and fast drying; a one-year warranty on material and workmanship; and a built-in carrying handle and cord wrap for easy mobility.

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Rapid Tire Deflators with TPMS Location Marks No. 401

Product From Lang Tools

Lang Tools introduces the Rapid Tire Deflators with TPMS Location Marks, No. 401. The cut-out on the side of the socket allows for quick and easy deflation of tires. The back side of socket has a recess so when the tire is re-inflated, the socket can go on the cap to retain the TPMS location. Sockets are marked with TPMS locations (Right Front – RF, Left Front – LF, Right Rear – RR, Left Rear – LR). Bright anodizing makes sockets easily visible on most tires and rims. Patent pending. Made in USA.

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Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575, is a complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. This kit eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press. The tools, along with the manual, provide the capability to remove the hub and the bearing, and replace both on domestic, Asian and European vehicles. It applies to cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that have replaceable wheel bearings and can be used on either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive applications.

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PS1 Truflate Safety Coupler

Product From Prevost

The Prevost PS1 Truflate Safety Coupler eliminates the risk of hose-whip, an issue causing personal injury or vehicle damage. The PS1 vents pressure and then releases the plug with the push of a button. The PS1 uses Prevost long-life seals to produce easy-to-use, leak-free and energy-saving connections. The PS1 Truflate-Profile Coupler features an ergonomic shape and intuitive, color-coded design. The body is made of a lightweight, rugged composite that resists scratching, impact, abrasion, corrosion and is anti-static. 

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Excentric Turn Chuck

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

The Excentric Turn Chuck from Mueller-Kueps has a unilateral opening that allows universal usage for wheel alignment as well as easy ball-joint and inner-tie-rod replacement. Features:

  • Maximum grip on hardened surfaces.
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Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures a complete line of electrical, pressure sensitive electrical safety mats that provide safety, sensing and signaling for many purposes, including but not limited to preventing injuries, providing control of and safeguarding machines and equipment, and guarding areas, automotive shops and service areas. These mats are custom-engineered, high-quality and reliable mat products and systems, including those with large areas, cut-outs, and multiple sensing zones mats with the shortest lead times in the industry. We build complete safety, sensing, and detection mat systems.
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True Flex Knee Pads

Product From True Source Enterprises, Inc.

True Flex Knee Pads, from True Source Enterprises, are uniquely jointed to move with the natural motion of the knee. Great for welding applications, nylon woven straps are 1” wide on top and 1-1/2” on the bottom are placed in such a way as not to bind behind the knee yet maintains a positive fit to keep the pad in place kneeling, standing, walking or running. The unique zip clip easily allows the user to put the knee pad on and off quickly and adjust even while in use. 

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Wheel Washers

Product From Martins Industries

Martins Industries now offers Wheel Washers, available in three models. The models MWW-450 and MWW-550 are ideal for garages, tire shops and dealerships. The MWW-750 model is fully automatic, loading and reloading wheels that are brought on carts. It is the ideal model for larger volumes of wheels for companies such as tire warehouses, hotels and tire distributors. This machine does not need to be connected to a water source to work, making it possible to place the wheel washer at the most suitable place in the workspace.

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Product From ToolPak

The ToolPak ToolVest provides 20 easy-to-reach pockets, six covered flaps and 14 quick access pockets. The ToolVest zips on and off like a jacket, and includes four quick-release buckle adjust points for a perfect fit. The vest frame is made from rugged, breathable mesh for superior circulation and has a large rear pocket, accessible from both sides. This safety vest includes flourescent panels to keep workers visible, and reflective stripes on the front and back add to night safety.

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