Gel Squeeze

Gel Squeeze

Gel Squeeze Product Image

Gel Squeeze delivers precision threadlocking Permatex' easy squeeze applicator and patented drip-free formulation lets users accurately and easily apply threadlocker exactly where there want it, especially in vertical and hard to reach places. Gel Squeeze flows easily and will not spill, and comes in a 5-gal. tube. Available in medium strength (blue) and high strength (red) grades.

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Threadlocker Multipack

Product From Permatex, Inc.

Permatex Threadlockers secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration, and also seal threads against leakage, preventing rust and corrosion. The Threadlocker Multipack package includes Low-strength Threadlocker (Purple), Medium-strength Threadlocker (Blue) and High-strength Threadlocker (Red).

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RapidFix Dual Adhesive

Product From Rapid Fix Products USA

RapidFix Dual Adhesive from Boss Products incorporates a professional strength adhesive and a welding powder, providing a welded seam to support repairs. The adhesive bonds metals, rubber, glass and most plastics. When combined with the welding powder it can fill holes, gaps and cracks. RapidFix can be immediately sanded, drilled and painted.

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Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive

Product From Design Engineering Inc.

Rated up to 16 degrees F (71 degrees C), Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive from Design Engineering is formulated to bond substrates that require either high-strength bonding or where elevated temperature resistance is essential. A 10 oz. can covers 15 sq. ft. It's specially designed three-way adjustable valve allows the user to select the spray pattern that best suits the area to cover.

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No. 4063-F Super Stick Trim Adhesive

Product From Transtar Autobody Technologies

Transtar's No. 4063-F Super Stick Trim Adhesive is a non-staining, high strength, fast drying, methylene chloride-free formula that complies with all regulations for sale in the United States. It meets CARB/OTC V.O.C. limits of 54% V.O.C.

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Epoxy Putty

Product From Valco Cincinnati Inc.

Valco Cincinnati's Epoxy Putty is a kneadable product that mixes and bonds like putty, while hardening like steel. This product adheres to a wide range of metals, PVC, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass and glass, can be set up under water and is resistant to chemicals. After 1 hour, can be drilled, tapped, filed and machines. Epoxy Putty can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed to make permanent repairs on a wide variety of automotive repairs.

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45 DualForce

Product From Zep Inc.

The Zep 45 DualForce is a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant and lubricant with PTFE that can be used to loosen rusty and seized bolts and screws, minimize friction, and moisturize and protect door hinges, roll-up doors and more. The 45 DualForce has a large pad actuator with a fan mist spray for wide areas and a straw to pinpoint stream accuracy in narrow areas. 45 DualForce penetrates for 10 minutes or longer while delivering the lowest percentage of wear among tested competitors, according to the company. The product’s slotted stacker cap allows for easy straw storage. With less than 10 percent VOCs, the 45 DualForce meets and exceeds California VOC future and current requirements. 

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SprayLube 990

Product From Buyers Products Company

The Buyers Products SprayLube 990 is a spray lubricant that penetrates and loosens rust and corrosion on metal-to-metal parts. Formulated with corrosion inhibitors, it protects surfaces as well as lubricates and displaces moisture. SprayLube 990 can be used to lubricate and protecting a variety of parts including pintle hooks, drive train sprockets, door hinges and many others. SprayLube 990 comes in a 15-oz can.

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SK Hand Wipes

Product From SK Hand Tool, LLC

SK Hand Wipes clean the toughest automotive grease, grime and dirt on hands and tools, says the company. Use the dual textured wipe to tackle both heavy and light soils. The Polypropylene material also helps the wipe naturally absorbs oils.  The high-performance formula cleans the toughest grease, grime and oils. The large wipe size (9" x 12") cleans large amounts of soils in one use with no greasy residue and no VOCs.

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GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner

Product From CRC Industries

The CRC Industries, Inc. GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner is designed to remove harmful deposits from all types of gasoline-powered engines. The GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner achieves this by delivers COzol directly to the valves at 150 times the concentration of any other premium fuel system additive on the market. Technicians can simply spray past the MAF sensor, through the air intake every 10,000 miles to increase power and torque, stabilize rough idles, solve rough starting problems, reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

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Ultra-Guard LS Heavy Duty full synthetic gear lubricant

Product From BG Products, Inc.

The BG Ultra-Guard LS Heavy Duty synthetic gear lubricant is formulated for durability by providing improved seal conditioning, quieter operation and dependable protection, according to the company. 

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