WB99020 Welding Bench No. WB99020

WB99020 Welding Bench No. WB99020

WB99020 Welding Bench No. WB99020 Product Image

New from Matco is their WB99020 Welding Bench for use with welders, metal chop saws, tile cutting saws and other bench top tools. The platform features a unique scissors action for quicker set up and tear down, as well as a more balanced and stable, yet portable, work surface. Additional features include an expanded metal work surface, gun/torch nozzle holster and a 1/2"- 13 UNC grounding stud.

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2014 Equipment Catalog

Product From Lincoln Electric

 The Lincoln Electric 2014 Equipment Catalog details the company’s MIG, TIG and multi-process equipment, as well as plasma cutting systems, welding automation, fume control systems, training product solutions, orbital welding systems, accessories and welding gear products. New in 2014, the welding consumable section now includes product numbers to enable quick cross-referencing or order placement. The catalog also features a bound-in, removable copy of the company’s expanding Welding Gear catalog, including Red Line personal protection apparel, Viking auto-darkening helmets and Radius tools. It can be downloaded and viewed on Apple iOS devices with the company’s Lincoln Library mobile app.

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C30S Tool Maxi Tank Tool Storage

Product From Beta Tools

The Beta Tools C30S Tool Maxi Tank Tool Storage design has a built-in hydraulic jack to raise the unit when users want to move it, then allowing users to lower the jack for stationary positioning. Lowering the jack causes the unit to sit on its steel legs rather than the casters, providing a more stable foundation. The C30S features a 4,000-lb weight load capacity so technicians can use the top as a workbench for heavy items such as engines and transmissions. Beta Tools designed the worktop as a fluid collection pan for techs working on equipment where fluid may leak onto the worktop surface. To drain the fluid that has collected in the pan, simply raise the hydraulic jack which raises one side, causing the fluid to drain to the opposite side and exit out of the bottom drain plug.

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5S Wall Panel

Product From Rousseau Metal Inc.

Rousseau Metal developed the 5S Wall Panel to accomodate tools of different shapes, sizes and weights. This multi-functional panel system allows users to identify exactly where each item should go on a single surface with visual identification. This system allows users to make sure they're nt missing any tools. On a single panel, easily combine round hooks (for small and/or light items), "spike" hooks (for heavy and/or bulky items), holders for cans and supports for plastic bins, to optimize the space available.

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Automotive Workbench System

Product From Lista International Corp.

Specially designed for automotive service and repair, Lista’s Automotive Storage and Workbench solution can be easily configured to suit specific needs without custom cost. Lista automotive service bay solutions include storage cabinets, toolboxes, workbenches and mobile carts. Lista’s integrated service bay solutions are customized to a dealership’s exact floor plan, workflow and wish list.

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Pressure Sensitive Electrical Safety Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive electrical edges that stop a machines operation in key presence sensing conditions depending on the product selection. These products are used for safety, sensing and detection among many operations throughout the world. Improve shop safety with safety edges for lifts, toe activation for machinery, safety bumpers for vehicle detection, road switch mats for vehicle counting. Offer trapped key interlocks and non-contact interlocks for guarding of machining and equipment areas, power switching of machinery and access control.
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Equipto Workcenters

Product From Equipto

Equipto’s extensive line of workcenters provide years of useful, rugged and efficient space utilization. Equipto Workcenters are available as wall mount or free-standing units, with or without drawers, and include a large variety of accessories. Equipto Workcenters allow electrical, fluid and air supplies to be kept in convenient locations. They are available in wood, steel, stainless steel, laminate and several options for tops and work surfaces are available, including esd (anti-static) tops. 

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Professional tool storage

Product From Versatility Tool Works

Versatility Tool Works offers a professional tool storage solution allowing technicians the flexibility and affordability to create a customized tool storage center. Products available include: single, double or triple bank roller cabinets, customizable drawer configurations, and hutch or side cabinets. Cabinets feature single key locking and Slam Lock, which allows drawers to be closed with the key in the locked position. Cabinet sizes available: 39", 55" and 72".

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Work Bench Systems

Product From item International America LLC

The Work Bench System from item International America makes all aspects of workbench design simple and intuitive. Five pre-configured workbench variants are available, each of which can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements. Uprights and overhangs help to transform these infinitely height-adjustable tables into full-fledged assembly workstations or complete workbenches. A wide range of ingenious accessories designed to complement production operations help create ESD-safe assembly line workbenches with systems for providing and stowing materials and tools.

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True Flex Knee Pads

Product From True Source Enterprises, Inc.

True Flex Knee Pads, from True Source Enterprises, are uniquely jointed to move with the natural motion of the knee. Great for welding applications, nylon woven straps are 1” wide on top and 1-1/2” on the bottom are placed in such a way as not to bind behind the knee yet maintains a positive fit to keep the pad in place kneeling, standing, walking or running. The unique zip clip easily allows the user to put the knee pad on and off quickly and adjust even while in use. 

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36" Crossover Top Chest and Roller Cabinet

Product From Montezuma Mfg., Inc.

The 36" Crossover 6-Drawer Top Chest & Roller Cabinet from Montezuma offers a modular drawer design including ball-bearing drawer slides with drawer liners and a load rating of 100 lbs per set. The embossed stainless steel work surface has a 100-lb capacity. Includes an air tool holder, side towel holder and can holder. The 5" by 2" casters (two swivel with brakes, and two rigid) are rated at 550-lb capacity each. The cabinet includes aluminum corner trim. The shell, drawer inners and drawer fronts are constructed of 20-gauge steel while the caster channels are 16-gauge steel.

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