LINK Tools

3/4" Tool Sets

Greater Work Output Link Tools offers their new LINK + tool sets that are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. Link's patented Quick-Lock technology guarantees "no dropped" sockets or tool separations, ensuring that all tools stay connected and locked. The tools can also quick release at any connection with one handed operation. The 7-piece Link Tool System + set includes:

  • Link Quick-Lock 'Locker' Ratchet Wrench (16" handle).
  • Link Quick-Lock flex handle/breaker bar (18" to pivot point and 21.5" overall).
  • Link Quick-Lock sliding T-Bar (20" handle).
  • Link Quick-Lock Universal-Joint.
  • Link Quick-Lock 16" Extendor bar.
  • Link Quick-Lock 8" Extendor bar.
  • Link Quick-Lock 4" Extendor bar. In addition to the +" tool sets, the company also offers sets in 1/4", 3/8" and +" combinations.