3/4" Tool Sets

3/4" Tool Sets


Greater Work Output Link Tools offers their new LINK + tool sets that are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. Link's patented Quick-Lock technology guarantees "no dropped" sockets or tool separations, ensuring that all tools stay connected and locked. The tools can also quick release at any connection with one handed operation. The 7-piece Link Tool System + set includes:

  • Link Quick-Lock 'Locker' Ratchet Wrench (16" handle).
  • Link Quick-Lock flex handle/breaker bar (18" to pivot point and 21.5" overall).
  • Link Quick-Lock sliding T-Bar (20" handle).
  • Link Quick-Lock Universal-Joint.
  • Link Quick-Lock 16" Extendor bar.
  • Link Quick-Lock 8" Extendor bar.
  • Link Quick-Lock 4" Extendor bar. In addition to the +" tool sets, the company also offers sets in 1/4", 3/8" and +" combinations.

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70 pc. 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Dr. Master Socket Set, No. 949007

Product From Alltrade Tools

The Powerbuilt by Alltrade Tools 70 pc. 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Dr. Master Socket Set, No. 949007, is organized in high-end EVA foam trays that slide right into the drawers of a tool box. This set is made of chrome vanadium steel construction and is drop forged and heat treated for maximum durability. The m

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Pro Non-Slip Impact Sockets

Product From Matco Tools

Matco Tools Pro Non-Slip Impact Sockets are constructed of chrome-molybdenum, and are specially heat-treated to provide continuous impact use. An enhanced 6-point contact design with socket teeth grip the flat sides of the fastener to drive a nut that is up to 70 percent rounded off. These sockets feature easy identification with high visibility laser and impression-stamped size markings. The unique non-slip design protects and works on 6-point, 

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LT598 ShockIt Socket Set

Product From Lock Technology, Inc. (LTI Tools)

The Lock Technology LT598 ShockIt Socket Set includes very low-profile sockets to fit over frozen nuts and bolts.  The sockets have a raised flat edge.  Included is a custom offset punch designed to fit the raised edge of the socket, allowing the technician to firmly and securely shock the fastener loose using a hammer.  Available in a 5-pc set with a custom punch and magnetic storage rail, this set includes the following sizes: 

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3/8" Drive 81-Piece Fractional & Metric Master Impact Socket Set No. 1281

Product From Grey Pneumatic

Grey Pneumatic offers a 3/8” Drive, 81-piece Fractional & Metric Master Impact Socket Set, No. 1281. This set contains the most popular 3/8” drive 6-point sockets and universals with extended range 

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Clip-On Magnetic Parts Dish

Product From V8 Tools Inc.

The V8 Tools Clip-on Magnetic Parts Dish, No. V8 3803, saves technicians time by helping to prevent the loss of missing e-clips, bolts or drain plugs. To use, technicians must clip the V8 3803 anywhere onto themselves as a holster for parts or small hand tools. Three powerful, rare-earth magnets hold the dish securely. This dish is specially designed to hold long parts and tools. It is made of a strong and durable plastic. 

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Diesel Filter Wrenches for Davco products, Nos. 61090, 61110 and 61130

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Corp. Diesel Filter Wrenches for Davco products, Nos. 61090, 61110 and 61130, are designed to remove and replace the main filter collar as well as the vent cap on aftermarket diesel fuel filter systems. The unique half-moon design provides easier access to the fuel filter, according to the company. High-strength steel prevents the wrench from flexing while loosening filter collars, four teeth grab the vent cap securely to prevent damage and a thick, padded grip cushions users hands. The 61090 wrench fits 5" Davco 242/243 aftermarket fuel filter systems, the 61110 fits 6" Davco 382 aftermarket fuel filter systems and the 61130 fits 8" Davco 482 aftermarket fuel filter systems. 

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51 Pc. 1/4" Drive 12XP SAE/Metric 6 Point Standard & Deep Socket Set, No. 80300P

Product From GearWrench/Apex Tool Group

The Gearwrench 51 Pc. 1/4" Drive 120XP SAE/Metric 6 Point Standard & Deep Socket Set, No. 80300P, features the Double-Stacked Pawl technology of the 120XP ratchet. The 120XP delivers 120 positions in 360 degrees for an ultra-narrow, three-degree swing arc while delivering 180 percent of ASME torque performance. The 120XP ratchet has a teardrop low-profile head and a flush-mounted on/off switch for improved access. The sockets feature surface drive technology to reduce fastener rounding. The set includes full-polish chrome sockets with large hard stamp size markings, knurled, full-polish extensions and a storage case.

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Spline Ratcheting Wrench Set, No. NR5M

Product From E-Z Red Company

The 5-pc extra long flex head Spline Ratcheting Wrench Set, No. NR5M from E-Z Red has extra long spine with 180-degree flex heads. The tool meets and exceeds ASME/ANSI torque specifications. It comes packaged in the signature E-Z Red high density foam tray and has a  limited lifetime warranty. It includes sizes: 8mm x 10mm, 12mm x 14mm, 13mm x 15mm, 16mm x 18mm and 17mm x 19mm.

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Duramax Water In Fuel Sensor Wrench No. 13100

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

When replacing the fuel filter on a 2001 to current GM Duramax light duty truck the water-in-fuel sensor located in the bottom of the filter must be removed and reused in the new filter. The SP Tools Duramax Water In Fuel Sensor Wrench

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Precision Torque Hand and Impact Sockets

Product From Mac Tools

The Mac Tools Precision Torque Hand and Impact Sockets won’t slip on fasteners rounded up to 85 percent, according to the company. The inner geometry of the six-point socket holds nuts and bolts even when they get rounded. Each hand socket is made of chrome vanadium steel and each impact socket is made of chromoly steel to hold up to a lifetime of use. All sets come with a clip rail system, which hold the sockets snug when not in use and allows the user to rotate the socket 360 degrees. This line includes chrome and impact sets featured in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drives.

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