iCan industrial fluid containers

iCan industrial fluid containers

iCan industrial fluid containers Product Image

Institution Solutions introduces iCan industrial fluid containers, a family of fully sealing industrial-strength containers. The company believes these products provide a better way to store, identify and dispense industrial fluids. The iCan features:

  • The prevention of fluid contamination and minimization of spills due to its fully sealing function.
  • Sturdy, square-shaped drums designed to withstand rough handling.
  • A sufficient labeling area.
  • A free, web-based labeling system so you can print labels and tags in 16 colors and 8 font sizes.
  • Interchangeable components for a flexible and economical way to customize containers for specific tasks.
  • A quick-fill port located on the lid to avoid removing it when refilling drums'#8212;therefore reducing the likelihood of contamination.
  • A light switch-style breather vent (as opposed to a button-style vent that requires thumb pressure to operate) to allow you to grip the pouring handle with all 5 fingers.
  • A large, ergonomic lid handle for safe, comfortable transport'#8212;even with large or gloved hands.
  • Pumps and extension hoses for quick, clean fluid dispensing in tight or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Included adhesive-backed iPouches that can be stuck directly onto drums and documents, such as MSDS sheets.
  • Accessory ports located on the lid for the attachment of desiccant filters.

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All-Bin Cabinet, 36-BB-240

Product From Strong Hold Products

The bin storage cabinet from Strong Hold Products comes completely assembled. The cabinet has yellow bins. Other color bins are available on request at an extra charge. The large bins measure 8’1/4” wide by 14’2/3” deep and 7” high, holding up to 60 lbs. The small bins measure 4’ 1/8” wide by 7’3/8” deep by 3” high and will hold up to 10 lbs.

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PIG Spill Kit in Truck-Mount Container

Product From New Pig Corporation

The PIG Spill Kit in Truck-Mount Container, from New Pig, easily mounts on a truck or trailer to help drivers prepare for leaks and spills that can occur during transportation. Available for Universal, Oil-Only and HazMat applications, the spill kit helps transporters comply with the need to take prompt actions to contain spills.  The Kit contains PIG absorbents, PIG Repair Putty, a containment pool, shovel and basic PPE to further assist with spill containment efforts.  The heavy duty polyethylene container protects the kit contents from harsh weather and UV-rays.  

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5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010

Product From Ken-Tool

Ken-Tool's 5-bar Super Magnum Tire Cage, No. 36010, reduces the side-force energy resulting from a catastrophic sidewall zipper rupture of a Super Wide-Base tire by 93 percent. The reduction of side-force energy can be achieved thanks to expanded steel mesh deflection barriers welded to the insides of the cage tubing. The cage features a five mandrel-bent, high-strength 12-gauge, 2-1/4" diameter structural steel tubes, welded to a 3/16" thick steel plate base with a 2.0" wide, 1/4" thick reinforcing strap welded to the tubes.   The tire cage comes 48" long, 30" wide and 56-1/4" tall. Made in the U.S.A.

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Rotating Magnetic Hook

Product From Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics offers the Rotating Magnetic Hook. This industrial-strength hook comes rated at a 65-lb pull, ideal for hanging heavy equipment. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees and swing 180 degrees, this hook can adapt to any position without repositioning the magnet. It can securely hold cables, tools, wires and other equipment where ordinary magnets would slip and slide in workshops, garages, warehouses, contractor vans and more.

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Third generation DEF insulated tanker

Product From Oilmen's Truck Tanks

Oilmen's third generation of its DEF insulated tanker used for hauling Diesel Exhaust Fluid includes insulated tank, insulated and heated cabinet, insulated and heated piping, and protected pumping equipment. The 4000 gallon DEF truck tank has the ability to self-load from a large DEF bulk tank that is commonly used at a distributor's facility, bulk plant or railcar. Piping that allows the operator to bypass the hose reel is also standard equipment that enables rapid metered deliveries. Additional improvements include better accessibility to components and vibration reduction materials that will prolong equipment life.

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Product From Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

Fuel Shock is a dual phase oil soluble and water soluble potent broad spectrum biocide that is designed to prevent and control bacterial and fungal growth that can occur in diesel fuels, biodiesel fuels and home heating oils. Diesel fuels and home heating oils are often stored in conditions that can lead to intimate contact with water.  Under these storage conditions the growth of micro-organisms can occur, producing dense masses that clog filters, pumps and fuel lines.  Microbes also release organic acids which can accelerate corrosion of metals that can result in damage to storage tanks and fuel pumping equipment. Fuel Shock is designed to kill and control any microbial growth that is present in the diesel fuel or home heating oil. A full description of Fuel Shock and its benefits can be found at

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Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser

Product From Kafko International

Kafko International offers their Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning solutions. Oil Eater quickly dissolved grease and oil on engines, tools, equipment, walls and can be used safely in a parts cleaner with a pressure washer. This non-flammable cleaner is water-based, has a fresh scent, is biodegradable and contains no acid, abrasive or petroleum solvents and rinses off quickly, leaving no residue behind. Oil Eater is available in 1-, 5-, 30- and 55-gallon containers.

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Headlight restoration kit

Product From Philips Automotive Lighting North America

Philips' headlight restoration kit brings back headlight clarity for improved nighttime vision and enhanced driving safety. The kit features coating technology that delivers excellent results with minimal effort and does not require the use of power tools. It also adds a protective UV coating that can help prevent future clouding for up to two years. Designed for use by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to restore lens surfaces in a few easy steps, improving the light output and overall appearance of plastic headlamp assemblies. The kit also works on taillights, turn signals, and reflective lens covers.

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Combo Cart Locker and Oil Waste Equipment Storage Locker

Product From Shure Mfg. Corp.

The Shure Mfg. Corp. Combo Cart Locker and Oil Waste Equipment Storage Locker allows shops to store a mini-technician cart and oil waste cart while providing much needed storage space. This locker features a lower locker with locking swing-out door, upper storage enclosures with lockable swing-out door and leg levelers. Available in 22 signature powdercoat paint colors.

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Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Product From Shurhold Industries

Shurhold Industries' Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner (SMC) eliminates the need for numerous cleaners. Designed for the professional detailer, Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner works on car glass, clear coat, carpet, rubber, headlights, acrylic and engine surfaces. Shurhold's Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes in a 32 oz spray bottle or a 1 gal jug of concentrate.  

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