GSP9200 Wheel Balancer brochure

GSP9200 Wheel Balancer brochure

GSP9200 Wheel Balancer brochure Product Image

This 6-page brochure covers Hunter's GSP9200 Wheel Balancer. It details features, explains benefits, furnishes specifications, clarifies how the technology works, exhibits adapter kit options and illustrates it all with plenty of color photos.

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Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227

Product From Waytek, Inc.

The Waytek Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227, allows users to access and review key information quickly for any equipment-building project. The catalog can be downloaded to the user’s desktop for quick reference and ease-of-use. Items in the electronic catalog are linked to the website for additional product information, current pricing, data sheets, and other products. Products can be found by flipping page-by-page, clicking on index descriptions or by entering the page number. A tile function also allows the user to see all pages on one screen and select the pages they need from there. A features button allows users to flag and add notes to frequently used pages for ease-of-reference.

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Wheel Balancer, No. WBE 4230

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

The Bosch Wheel Balancer, No. WBE 4230, is designed to easily and quickly mount and balance tires. A high-performance mounting set, a quick mounting nut and an extended shaft are included for accurate and fast mounting. This wheel balancer provides the ability to handle light truck tires and a greater variety of wheels for a more precise balance. The machine also comes with the Bosch Wheel Service Promise to restore the machine to full operating condition within 48 hours of any repair appointment, or Bosch will extend the factory warranty.

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2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922

Product From Robinair, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The Bosch 2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922, lists all of the company’s friction lines for domestic, Asian and European vehicles in the United States and Canada and it covers vehicles from 1946 to the current model year. This catalog lists 2,700 brake pads and shoes and 1,438 brake rotors. The 600-page print catalog covers the best-in-class Premium Bosch QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and the QuietCast Disc Brake Rotors, Euroline Brake Pads with original equipment look and feel for popular European makes and models and the Bosch Blue line of disc brake pads.

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B-100 Wheel Balancer

Product From Dannmar Equipment

The Dannmar Equipment B-100 Wheel Balancer offers a quick-nut mounting system, a labeled graphic interface with a touch-display panel, a 38” front-to-back coverage wheel shroud, a multi-pocket wheel weight shelf with over 14 pockets, multi-mode balancing, a power-saving mode, automatic measurement and input of distance and diameter and a 140-rpm design. This wheel balancer has a 12” balancing shaft and can accommodate wheel diameters of 44” maximum. The approximate balancing time is five seconds and the precision is within 1 gram. This unit comes standard with SUV balancing modes, and is equipped with motorcycle wheel calibration modes.

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Anatomy of a Mohawk flyer

Product From Mohawk Lifts

Mohawk Lifts' "Anatomy of a Mohawk" flyer covers LMF-12/TP-16/TP-18 two-post vehicle lifts. The flyer gives a 3D view of the lift, including features and options, and assists shops in making lift buying decisions. The American-made LMF-12/TP-16/TP-18 lifts have a ALI/ETL certification, the one and only national safety standard for vehicle lifts. They have a 25-year structural and 10-year mechanical warranty.  

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Blowoff Guide

Product From Exair Corporation

Exair's updated Blowoff Guide helps fleet managers pick out the proper air nozzle and safety air gun to get the job done right. The guide covers proper maintenance, ROI and safety tips related to compessed air systems and air tools. The guide also includes information on the company's

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Tool Application Guide

Product From AME International

AME International's Tool Application Guide showcases the common uses for AME tools and allows users to reference the most up-to-date tool pairings. This chart, available free of charge for commercial tire dealers, features some of AME

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Passenger Vehicles Wheel Balancer, No. B80SE

Product From MAHA USA LLC

MAHA USA's Passenger Vehicles Wheel Balancer, No. B80SE, features a quick and accurate speed of operation that includes an automatic three parameter data entry, resulting in no chance for the user to enter incorrect data. In includes a s

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2013 Maintenance Reminder Reset Procedures, No. 13-450

Product From Autodata Publications Inc.

The 2013 Maintenance Reminder Reset Procedures, No. 13-450, from Autodata helps users to ensure that vehicles always leave the shop with the maintenance reminders reset. The manual covers domestic and imported vehicles from 2002 to 2013, and includes step-by-step instructions, vehicle specific illustrations and system operation notes. The convenient spiral bound format lays flat or folds in half for easy handling within the vehicle.

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Aftermarket parts catalog, No. PB8857

Product From Meritor Inc.

Meritor's aftermarket parts catalog, No. PB8857, covers brakes, trailer axles and wheel attaching parts. The easy-to-reference, 13-chapter catalog was revised based on customers' inputs and includes all new products and models introduced in the past 24 months. Products include drum brake repair kits and brake shoe hardware, fasteners, dust shields, camshafts, slack adjusters, air chambers and wheel end parts, which other chapters cover competitive cross reference, numerical parts listing and brake assembly drawings. 

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