Optional pneumatic wheel lift for TCX500 and 550

Optional pneumatic wheel lift for TCX500 and 550


The optional pneumatic wheel lift for Hunter's TCX500 and TCX550 Tire Changers helps technicians mount wheels without bending or manual lifting. The pedal-controlled wheel lift raises the wheel to a more manageable work height, leaving the technician's hands free to control the wheel and position it on the clamping table. The lift handles wheels up to 165 pounds and takes up minimal space around the tire changer.

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Lisle Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set, No. 13950

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set, No. 13950, makes it easier to remove and install wheels on many European vehicles with lug bolts. Three pairs of metric threaded wheel stud pilot pins allow users to hang the wheel without having to balance the wheel on the small lip of the hub. This helps prevent the wheel from falling and causing damage or injury. Users can simply insert the proper size threaded pins into hub bolt holes to hold the wheel in place while inserting or removing lugs. This set includes 12mm by 1.5mm, 14mm by 1.25mm and 14mm by 1.5mm threaded pins, which are also available individually.

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6-Axle Steer Dolly

Product From Talbert Manufacturing Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing's 6-Axle Steer Dolly offers versatility, additional steering control and extra capacity to handle self-supporting superloads for a variety of industries. The 60-ton dolly can be used for heavy, low-riding materials, such as bridge beams and steel girders, to tower sections for wind energy development. The unit comprises two groups of three axles with the axles in each group spaced at 60". With a bunk between the two groups that is connected to the rear-axle bearings through a tie rod system, the total spread is 16' 1". This configuration allows operators to carry more weight and complies with federal bridge 

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RCD-1500 wheel dollies

Product From Ranger Products

The RCD-1500 wheel dollies from Ranger Products quickly go into place and lift vehicles. These advanced floor jacks can be compared to "GoCarts" in the way the can quickly fit around the wheel of a vehicle and easily raise it off the shop floor in a few quick foot pumps. With four wheel dollies, one person can effortlessly move up to a 6,000 lb car or truck.

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Blue Cobra truck tire service set No. PN 35442

Product From Ken-Tool

The Ken-Tool Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set, No. 35442, features the company's Blue Cobra Truck Tire Demount Tool (No. 35440) and includes six other needed components to service most 22.5" and 24.5" truck tires quickly and easily. This set also includes the T45C Classic Tubeless Tire Iron, No. PN 34645C; Double-End Tire Spoon, No. PN 33050; Euro Lube Paste – 8 lb. Pail, No. PN 35848; Euro-style Lube Applicator Brush, No. PN 30512; two aluminum C-Loc Bead Holders, No. PN 31713; and Leather Rim Protector, No. PN 31810. The service set is packaged in a single, 40-lb box.

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Direct Mount Hub Adapter

Product From Tru Align LLC

The Tru Align Direct Mount Hub Adapter is a product add-on used to eliminate the need for alignment clamps during wheel alignments. This adapter is perfectly centered and easily attaches to the updated Tru Align Plate. The expandable sleeve allows for any manufacturer’s alignment heads to directly mount on the Tru Align Plate. By attaching directly to the vehicle’s hub, Tru Align eliminates the alignment inaccuracies and clamp attachment difficulties of both the “quick clamp” and “traditional” alignment systems.

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SL-1200 Dolly

Product From Snap-Loc Cargo Control Systems

The Snap-Loc SL-1200 Dolly allows users a simple, safe and convenient way to move and secure any type of cargo, anywhere. A heavy-duty integrated steel frame and casters offer a 1,200-lb. capacity per dolly, to move heavy loads with ease. With a connectable platform, users can connect one dolly to another in any direction. The Snap-Loc Integrated Strap System also provides users the ability to strap cargo to the dolly. Cart conversion available to convert dolly into a push cart or panel cart. The simple, safe and convenient way to move and secure any type of cargo, anywhere.

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Body Line Marker Tool, No. DF-BL10

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

Re-create fender curve lines perfectly every time with the DF-BL10 Body Line Marker Tool from Dent Fix. The Body Line Tool makes accurate measurements around wheel opening moldings quickly and easily. Using the same method a compass uses to draw exact circles or arcs from a single point, this tool draws a line equal distance from any part of the fenders edge.

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GilaFlex air hose

Product From Acme Automotive

Acme Automotive offers the GilaFlex inner-braided PVC air hose with a special blend of PVC that has no memory, so hose will lay flat on the ground. With a 180-degree bend radius, the hose will not kink and cut off air supply. A steel spring strain relief protects the hose at its weakest point, near the fitting, without inhibiting maneuverability. The smooth outer cover doesn't trap dirt and is easy to clean. The GilaFlex has a temperature range of -40 degrees F to 150 degrees F, and a working pressure of 325 psi at 70 degrees F.

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COATS Leverless Power Duckhead Bead Lifter

Product From Hennessy Industries Inc.

The COATSLeverless Power Duckhead Bead Lifter, from Hennessy Industries, is a mount/demount system that retrofits the COATS APX, 9024 and 70X series tire changers. The bead lifter’s leverless design eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the tire’s surface. During demounting, the leverless tool hooks the lip of the bead and effortlessly lifts it just above the rim. The tire then comes off the rim with a simple rotation of the tabletop. The leverless tool can also be utilized as an additional helper device when mounting a tire’s top bead.

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Tire Dolly

Product From Mohawk Lifts

Mohawk’s Tire Dolly provides faster, safer and easier handling of heavy duty single and dual tires. Available in a 1,000-lb (TD1000) or 2,000-lb (TD2000) capacity, the dolly has a full 46" lifting height and a 6" side shifting ability. There are two rear 360°

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