ST3 Test Drive set of 10' test leads

ST3 Test Drive set of 10' test leads

ST3 Test Drive set of 10' test leads Product Image

New from AES is the ST3 Test Drive set of 10' test leads for Snap-on's MODIS, which the company feels can help solve the problems of OEM test leads that are too short as well as ground stacking. The longer, shielded leads offer greater convenience for test drives, and in using the MODIS on a cart instead of under the hood. This stems from a unique grounding system that uses stacking banana plugs and a ground saver lead that allows for stacking off the tool.

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Delphi Diagnostic Scan Tool Accessories

Product From Delphi

The Delphi Diagnostic Scan Tool Accessories are the five available accessories for its diagnostics scan tools. The list of accessories includes two power adapters, a 110V tablet AC/12V DC power adapter, No. SV34049, and a 12V tablet cigarette lighter adapter, No. SV3405; a tablet PC replacement battery, No. SV34051; a 2-pack tablet PC replacement stylus pen, No. SV34052; and a tablet PC screen protector, No. SV34053.

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VERUS Wireless Scan Module Conversion Kit

Product From Snap-on Inc.

With Snap-on’s wireless scan module conversion kit (No. EAK0294B21A), customers can add wireless freedom and keyless simplicity to their VERUS Diagnostic and Information System. This keyless scan module covers all OBD II applications with a single adapter, and no need to switch keys. Scan wirelessly with remote control of the scan module – read and clear codes, view live data and run functional tests, relearns and adaptations from anywhere in the bay. 

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ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator

Product From General Technologies Corp.

The General Technologies ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator provides a simple interface for test and diagnostic on any oxygen sensor to quickly determine whether the sensor is defective and needs replacement. Designed as both a stand-alone tool or as a complement to any scanner during the diagnostic process, The St05 is compatible with all types of oxygen sensors. The ST05 displays the sensors output signal in real-time in a bar graph, allowing to diagnose "lazy" sensors which may not trigger DTCs but cause drivability problems. 

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Tech/Force Deluxe Kit, No. OWC3871

Product From Cornwell Quality Tools

The Cornwell Tech/Force Deluxe Kit, No. OWC3871 features System 4.0 with Code-Assist experience-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix. The kit also includes:

  • USA 2010 Domestic/Asian software with ABS including Pathfinder.
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Tech/Force Works Kit, No. OWCTF10

Product From Cornwell Quality Tools

The Tech/Force Works Kit, No. OWCTF09, from Cornwell Tools includes Tech/Force featuring System 4.0 with code-assist experienced-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix. The kit also includes the following:

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Complete Diagnostic System

Product From Automotive Test Solutions-ATS

The Complete Diagnostic System, from Automotive Test Solutions, includes the EScope Pro with ruggedized notebook, EScan Pro with Bluetooth, EIgnition and Emission, with all accessories to connect to vehicles.

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Auto Groundskeeper, No. LT-525

Product From Lock Technology, Inc. (LTI Tools)

The Lock Technology Auto Groundskeeper, No. LT-525, provides a good ground for test light and multimeter diagnostic use. Especially useful in the auto industry where testing is most difficult due to increased use of plastics. Universal design fits in any power plug, this tool even provides ground in dead power plugs. Manufactured from spring steel and injection molded plastic for lifetime, trouble-free operation.

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OBDII data for WinDyn

Product From SuperFlow Technologies Group

SuperFlow engine and chassis dynamometers are now available with OBDII data integrated into SuperFlow's WinDyn software. The new option allows customers to easily monitor real-time data from the OBDII port on vehicles built since 1996. Users can quickly and easily customize their screen to show the exact OBDII channels they want to monitor, live on every vehicle they test. All channels are recorded and stored.

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OBDII Breakout Box, No. 420-167

Product From Nu-Di Corp.

Nu-Di's OBDII Breakout Box, No. 420-167, saves you the time of climbing underneath the steering column to access the OBDII connector. With the box and 3' extension, plug the mating connector into the OBDII interface, and you can access clearly marked points in the handheld box. Includes a built-in vehicle-side OBDII in the breakout box for easy access to hook into your tool.

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Auto Memory Saver OBDII Cord, No. AMS28

Product From Matco Tools

Matco Tools' Auto Memory Saver OBDII Cord, No. AMS28, prevents the loss of electronic memory when disconnecting the vehicle's battery. Features:

  • An 8' high-visibility coiled cord.
  • Converts Jump Box into Memory Saver by connecting the Jump Box to the Vehicle's OBDII port.
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