Bolt On Technology

Auto repair shop customer check-in kiosk now available through Bolt On Technology

Through its Welcome Station automotive software solution, Philadelphia-based Bolt On Technology  has powered mobile technology aimed at making it easier for new and returning auto repair shop customers to check in for vehicle repairs, or scheduled services.

The tablet-powered tool is the automotive repair industry’s answer to the customer check-in kiosks in use at airports, grocery and convenience stores, as well as restaurant chains. The touch screen kiosk simplifies the customer experience, delivers faster business results, better accuracy and increased up-selling and profit generation opportunities with each customer check-in.

This easy-to-use self-check system frees up service advisors and enables customers to quickly and electronically notify shop staff of their arrival, select the vehicle and which services they’d like to have performed and whether they are dropping off, or will be waiting. 

“Our technology will save service advisors two minutes or more of per customer check-in time – which is huge,” Bolt On Technology CTO Mike Risich said. “What could you do with an extra 30 minutes a day?”

With a few taps, customers can check themselves in and speed up the shop’s daily process. Based on a modest two minutes-per-customer savings, shops with an average daily car count of 15 could save two-and-a-half hours per week, just in customer check-in time. Those extra hours are possible without adding staff, or increasing workloads.

Boost up-selling opportunities 

Upon check-in, a customer is reminded of, and has the ability to select past pending service recommendations and even new services/canned jobs.
The addition of area-specific weather alerts further simplifies the up-selling process by suggesting services based on the vehicle care needed to maintain safety in different climates. 
The alerts offer service recommendations specific to the current weather and seasons, including:

  • “It’s raining – Would you like us to check your wipers?”
  • “It’s been over 90 degrees lately – Would you like us to check your air-conditioning?”
  • “It’s been less than 32 degrees lately – Would you like us to check your battery?”
  • “Winter is coming soon. Would you like us check your tires?”
  • As well as other customizable service suggestions 

Customer convenience

While checking in for service, customers can also:

  • Update all contact and vehicle information
  • Add new vehicles
  • Consider weather-related service recommendations
  • Add pending service recommendations 
  • Add other services/canned jobs

Secured identity protection

To help prevent identity theft, returning customers are required to enter the phone number attached to the account and select their name as part of the Welcome Station check-in process.
If the phone number and/or name are not unique to the account being accessed, Welcome Station will not continue and the customer will need to see the service advisor. 

Shop management system integration

Like all of Bolt On Technology ’s automotive solutions, Welcome Station is fully integrated into the leading shop management systems. The automotive software solution offers real-time two-way communication without the need to re-enter information.