Lista International Corp.

Lista offers ListaWorks custom-configurable process for shop storage

Lista, a Stanley Industrial & Automotive, LLC business, offers the innovative ListaWorks service, a new process for providing the highest-quality, custom-configurable solution that precisely fits automotive customers’ unique space requirements, free of charge.

With ListaWorks, experts survey current and future storage and workspace needs, then propose solutions that provide the highest density and greatest productivity. The detailed, customized plan for individual workspace and storage needs is guaranteed to maximize efficiency and flexibility while optimizing space and profitability.

Beginning with customized surveys and layout development, the process includes a detailed floorspace utilization analysis, and is fully integrated with architectural and construction planning. ListaWorks customers also have the opportunity to demonstrate suggested products to see how they fit their needs.

Automotive service and parts departments are major profit centers, and Lista’s customized workspace and storage solutions are ideal for increasing efficiency and productivity. Automotive dealership customers are attracted to the clean, organized and professional appearance that comes from Lista’s contemporary product design.