EVs on U.S. roads increased by 96 percent in a year

EDTA released sales data for the U.S. electric drive market through July, showing that the total number of plug-in vehicles on the road has increased by 96 percent since this time last year. The number of plug-in electric vehicles sold from late 2010 through July 2013 was 119,404. Since then, 114,619 plug-in vehicles have been sold, bringing the total number to 234,023.

11,433 plug-in electric vehicles were sold last month, including 5,740 plug-in hybrids and 5,693 battery electric vehicles. Plug-in sales for July 2014 reflect a 54 percent increase over July 2013. Meanwhile, the CY2014 plug-in vehicle sales number is 66,406, a 37 percent jump over the 48,489 plug-ins sold through the same period last year. 

This information, as well as historical sales data on the electric drive market, can be found at  www.electricdrive.org/sales.