NAFA and Fleet Management Weekly release second "I Am NAFA" video entry

They say that if you want to know more about an organization, ask those who are being helped by it and you will get your best answer. NAFA Fleet Management Association is a champion for fleet managers and the fleet management profession. Now NAFA's members are letting the world know it. Announced on July 7, the second “I Am NAFA” video was released featuring expert fleet manager Jose Gallardo, from NAFA's Arizona Chapter.

“I Am NAFA” is a series of videos developed by NAFA and Fleet Management Weekly promoting the value of NAFA membership. By turning the camera from the association to those served by NAFA, viewers can directly see how these individuals have benefited from NAFA membership. Their stories and testimonials reveal how NAFA's resources brought them the answer they needed faster than anywhere else, or solved a problem that no one else could.

"The thing that impresses me most about these videos is the quality of the first-person stories being told. The videos serve to take a snapshot of our membership and how they are availing themselves of NAFA's information and benefits to gain significant career advantages," said NAFA chief executive oficer Phillip E. Russo, CAE. "They also do a fantastic job of illustrating the power of the NAFA community."

"I used the models from NAFA, recognized as the industry standard, to learn there was a trend that basically 80 percent of our vehicle accidents were related to following too close," Gallardo says in the video. The fleet required driver training but the question was in the costs. Gallardo used NAFA's analysis to help him approach upper management.

"If the decision-makers are on the fence, and you show an analysis from NAFA that supports your helps bridge the gap," Gallardo said.

Russo concluded, "Our members are receiving phenomenal help and services from being a NAFA member, they are enthusiastically telling others, and they’re encouraging them to be a part of this trusted community of fleet professionals. That is the highest endorsement they could ever give."  

To view the latest “I Am NAFA” video, visit the NAFA Channel on YouTube, or go to: