Alldata Corp.

Alldata Community provides knowledge of more than 300K technicians for time-saving repairs

Alldata LLC, the leading provider of manufacturers' automotive repair information and solutions for the professional automotive service and collision repair industries, has launched Alldata Community, an interactive, highly-responsive environment for technicians to use to help diagnose and repair vehicles faster.

"Vehicles have become so technologically advanced that having access to accurate information is the best way a shop can succeed these days," said Alldata President Jeff Lagges. "The more channels available to tap into for needed repair information, the better. When the clock is ticking, getting advice from an experienced technician can save the day."

Alldata Community features easy, intuitive navigation and structured searches allowing technicians to view similar problems. A search can tap the collective knowledge of as many as 300,000 other technicians. Also, the Alldata diagnostic team, a group of ASE Certified Technicians with more than 20 years of experience each, continually monitors Alldata Community traffic. Repair suggestions can be verified, ensuring the shop is using a solution that was previously successful. Alldata Community is included with your Alldata Repair and Alldata Collision S3500 subscriptions at no additional charge.

By participating in Alldata Community, shop personnel can diagnose and repair vehicles faster, saving time and money through enhanced productivity. Technicians can also contribute answers, improving the viability of the collective knowledge-base. "There are thousands of savvy technicians out there who are solving diagnostic and repair problems every day, and many of them are happy to help out their peers," comments Lagges. "When knowledge is shared, it's a win-win for everyone and has a positive impact on the entire industry."

Alldata Automotive Diagnostic Team Lead, John Lee, describes the value of Alldata Community, saying, "OEM manuals can take for granted that some diagnostic procedures are just understood. Therefore, experience and knowledge-sharing are effective ways of getting to the root of many complicated vehicle diagnostic problems."