Knipex Tools introduces new angled pliers and cutters

Knipex Tools introduces the new series of angled pliers and cutters. The German-made Orbis angled pliers and cutters represent a new generation of revolutionary pliers that meet the needs of hardworking hands while offering a versatile range of application. The innovative 25-degree comfort angle makes the tool a natural extension of the user’s hand—a design with comfort and convenience in mind.

The one-of-a-kind, 25-degree, 8", angled, long-nose pliers features three different-sized pulling grooves, preserving a tight grip when holding or pulling round items.

“Nothing is more frustrating than reaching into a tight place and pulling a spring or other round object and having it slip out of the long nose pliers. These pulling grooves make this task so much easier and less stressful,” said Alan Sipe, president and general manager, Knipex Tools.

The 25-degree, 7-1/2", angled combination pliers are designed with a greater gripping surface for a steady and consistent grip on pipes and connections. The serrated tips provide a consistent grip during detailed work to produce optimal results.

For tough, continuous use, the 25-degree 7" angled diagonal cutter has a high-leverage design, which allows for 30 percent more cutting power. Similar to the angled long nose and angled combination pliers, the diagonal cutter’s induction-hardened cutting edges cut any hard wire, piano wire and ACSR, in addition to copper and aluminum.

The 25-degree 8-3/4" angled cable cutter produces clean cuts on aluminum cables, single and multiple wires, including soft copper up to 2/0 AWG without crushing or deformation. To provide safe operation the angled cable cutter is equipped with a locking mechanism when the tool is not in use.        

In addition to comfort, this new series allows better sight lines when working in confined spaces, providing the user with the ability to see what is being grabbed, pulled and cut, which is critical to getting the job done quickly, accurately and efficiently.