Marangoni Tread markets TreadWare retread software system

Don Rizzi, National Sales Development Manager for Marangoni Tread North America announced a co-operative marketing agreement with SCTS TreadWare.  

TreadWare is a software program that can track each tire’s progress throughout the retread process and was specifically designed and developed to address the unique needs of retread manufacturers. It can be easily installed and adapted to most current shop hardware and does not rely on an internet connection for functionality. The unique interface is easy to use and its intuitive design allows for speedy interaction.

Elements of the system include: Low set up costs, personalized reports, fast work order entry, user friendly screen design, ability to integrate many hand held “smart” devices, and customizable tire labeling.
TreadWare co-founder Clayton Van Kleeck commented “Simply put, TreadWare is designed by retreaders , for retreaders ,to simplify, streamline, and increase the efficiency of your retread manufacturing process. Our goal was to make the best simple to use software program to serve Independent Retreaders.”

As the a provider of independent retreading technology and tire management solutions, Marangoni is the only full service retread products supplier that helps Independent Retreaders reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve quality, according to the company. The TreadWare Retread Software System fits that criteria and is available to all retreaders in North America.