Drew Technologies

California BAR certifies Drew Technologies data acquisition device for inspections

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) officially certified the Drew Technologies IMclean DAD for use in California inspection stations, as of June 20. The certification allows smog shops use the wired or wireless OBD2 DAD, or data acquisition device, from Drew Technologies to perform smog inspections on model year 2000 and newer vehicles. This new system, known as BAR-OIS, will replace existing BAR97 equipment for 2000 and newer vehicles. The new system offers significantly reduce test times and lower equipment costs.

The certification process took more than nine months and consisted of three phases of testing.  During the final phase of certification, Drew Technologies setup BETA 50 stations in California and set out to test a minimum of 20,000 vehicles. In the end, over 100,000 cars were tested at the BETA sites and DrewTech achieved a 99.97 percent rate for successful communication.

The IMclean DAD is available now from the Drew Technologies website and through DrewTech distributors. DrewTech’s IMclean device is also sold as a part of complete systems through Banalogic and ESP. For more information, visit www.drewtech.com.