ChargePoint drives industry electric vehicle adoption

The month of May marked two industry milestones with record sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and ChargePoint – the largest and most open EV-charging network – reaching five million charging sessions. Combined, these benchmarks demonstrate how rapidly the EV industry is growing.

ChargePoint data shows that initially, it took nearly four years to reach the first milestone of one million charging session by EV drivers. With EV drivers plugging into the ChargePoint network every 9 seconds, drivers have now plugged in over five million times – a growth of a million sessions in just three months. 

In parallel, the industry has seen tremendous growth. With a record 12,453 EVs sold in May alone, we now have 211,097 electric cars on the road – over double the number from May of 2013. (Based on reports from the Electric Drive Transportation Association). 

We expect this pace to continue as more models become available, prices continue to drop and drivers continue to realize how EVs are better – they’re more reliable, cheaper to power and maintain, better for the environment and provide a more thrilling driving experience.