Thomas Built Buses offers extended warranty coverage

Thomas Built Buses offers some of the most powerful warranties in the industry, which are now even stronger with an extension of the company’s standard Saf-T-Liner C2 base warranty and the standard body and chassis paint coverage for all models.

The Saf-T-Liner C2 base warranty will now provide three-year or 50,000 mile coverage as compared to the previous one year warranty, starting with units built on or after October 1. The robust warranty will cover the chassis, as well as many other components including electrical and manual controls, safety equipment, assemblies and more. Normal wear items are excluded.

Thomas Built Buses is also pleased to announce that the standard body and chassis paint warranty, which covers all models built on or after October 1, will be extended from three years to five years. 

 “At Thomas Built Buses, we are committed to providing powerful, confidence-building warranty protection,” said Kelley Platt, Thomas Built Buses president and CEO. “We stand behind our quality and durability, and we are pleased to lengthen our C2 base warranty and our body and chassis paint coverage to help our customers lower their total cost of ownership even more. We believe that everyone who purchases a new bus from Thomas Built is entitled to extensive warranty protection, as well as peace of mind.”

For complete information about Thomas Built Buses’ warranties, customers can consult their local dealer.