Tech Talk with TMC begins 10th season on SiriusXM's The Dave Nemo Show

June 10th marks the beginning of the 10th season of “Tech Talk with TMC,” produced jointly by the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council and long-time trucking radio personality Dave Nemo. Co-hosted by TMC Technical Director Robert Braswell, Tech Talk with TMC has been a weekly segment on SiriusXM’s The Dave Nemo Show since June 2005, and is The Dave Nemo Show’s longest-running segment.

The guest for this broadcast will be the same as the very first episode — Brad Van Riper, Sr. Vice President of R&D & Chief Technology Officer for TruckLite. The topic will be Lighting Issues. Each Tuesday, TMC representatives appear on The Dave Nemo Show, covering a range of technical issues of high interest to the trucking industry. Guest speakers take live calls and emails from SiriusXM’s RoadDog Trucking audience, heard on SiriusXM Channel 128 at 10:05 am (eastern). For more information, please contact Robert Braswell at