Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric releases two new aluminum MIG push-pull welding system packages

Lincoln Electric has announced the introduction of two new aluminum push-pull system packages targeted toward specific industries.

The PowerMIG 350MP Trailer Manufacturing One-Pak includes all of the components and wire a fabricator will need to get started for premium push-pull wire feeding capability in trailer manufacturer sheet metal applications. The multi-process PowerMIG 350MP package includes:

  • Magnum PRO AL Air-Cooled Push-Pull Gun
  • Aluminum Drive Roll Kits
  • SuperGlaze 5356 TM 3/64" (1.2 mm) dia. MIG (GMAW) wire specifically developed for the aluminum trailer manufacturing industry
  • Everything in the standard package for steel welding, including a Magnum PRO 300 push gun, steel drive rolls (for steel, stainless, and silicon bronze wire), gas regulator and hose, work clamp and cable, 115V auxiliary Powerreceptacle, a lockable storage compartment and an integrated rolling undercarriage.

The second, new One-Pak package, specifically targeted toward aluminum automotive collision repair and fabrication, includes many of the same components as the trailer package, but features a differentwire alloy type:

  • SuperGlaze 5554 3/64" (1.2 mm) dia. MIG (GMAW) wire

Each of these targeted aluminum feeding systems take full advantage of the advanced, 3-in-1 multi-process PowerMIG 350MP wire feeder/welder. This synergic welding Poweroffers features single-control setting of simple weld parameters, while at the same time offering access to advanced waveforms and processes developed to deliver enhanced appearance and heat input control on aluminum, including Pulse-on-Pulse and PowerMode.

For more information on the PowerMIG 350MP Aluminum One-Paks, call (888) 935-3877 or visit to obtain E7.57.