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New multi-color backlight provides instant status indicator for Robinair RAVG-1 Digital Micron Gauge

Robinair has released the RAVG-1 Digital Micron Gauge with industry-first multicolor backlight providing an instant indicator of acceptable vacuum or leakage. The backlight shows green, yellow or red for faster reading and diagnosis of an A/C system , indicating a system leak or proper vacuum.

The patent-pending design employs a sophisticated microelectromechanical sensor (MEMS) Pirani type sensor with ability to read Atmosphere down to 10 microns. The gauge can measure vacuum pressure in microns, mmHg, inHg, mBar, Pascals or Torr for near-universal applications, and is encased in an impact and water resistant case with a protective rubber boot.

“This gauge will be used in some extreme environments and condition, and is the only one on the market unaffected by temperature, vital to providing accurate readings and performance,” said Tim Wagaman, Robinair Product Manager. “Coupled with the color-coded backlit display, RAVG-1 will provide a quick and easy indication of system evacuation status.”

Robinair’s RAVG-1 kit includes carrying case and tee adapters or inline connectors (1/4” MFL x 1/4” MFL and 1/4” FFL x 1/4” MFL versions.) Secured by a magnetic hook or manifold connection, the large display will always be accessible and in view when in use, allowing for faster testing and readouts. Battery power eliminates the need for cumbersome cables while automatic shutoff helps prolong battery life.

For the HVAC industry, Robinair also manufactures the RG3 and RG6 portable refrigerant recovery machines handling almost all refrigerants including common CFC, HFC, HCFC refrigerants including R-401A. Each machine features a high pressure safety shut-off switch, oil-less compressor, IEC connector and power cord among other machine-specific features.