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Rotary Lift updates ALI Lift Certification Program for authorized lift installers

More than 50 members of Rotary Lift’s extensive service network have completed the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program over the past nine months, bolstering what is already the industry’s go-to resource for professional vehicle lift inspections. Rotary Lift has more ALI Certified Lift Inspectors within its distribution channel than any other manufacturer, according to the company, making it easy for lift users across North America to find an inspector. 
“Rotary Lift’s distributor and installer network includes more than 400 companies spread across the United States and Canada,” says Ron Lainhart, parts and service manager for Rotary Lift and an ALI factory designated trainer. “We have taken a leadership role in supporting the ALI Lift Inspector Certification initiative so that lift users everywhere can turn to a trusted name for inspections. More than half of all ALI Certified Lift Inspectors are affiliated with Rotary Lift and are qualified to inspect lifts built by any manufacturer.”
Annual vehicle lift inspections are required by ANSI/ALI ALOIM-2008, the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. Annual inspections by an ALI-Certified Lift Inspector protect employees and maintain bay productivity by identifying any lift issues before they grow into major problems. Certified Lift Inspectors follow standard inspection procedures approved by ALI, so they will not miss something a non-certified inspector might overlook.
More than half of all the distributors and installers within Rotary Lift’s service network have enrolled an employee in the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program. That number will grow substantially by the end of the year, because Rotary Lift is requiring each of its Rotary Authorized Installers (RAIs) to have at least one Certified Lift Inspector on staff by 2015. RAIs are the factory-trained exclusive providers of Rotary Lift warranty work. They are the only distributors who are authorized to install Rotary Lift’s popular SmartLift and MOD series environmentally friendly inground lifts and heavy-duty parallelogram lifts.
“RAIs have traditionally been able to provide for any customer need, and now they will also be able to add professional lift inspections to their portfolio of services,” says Lainhart.
Rotary Lift distributors and installers with inspectors who’ve achieved ALI certification since August 2013 include:
A & W Maintenance (RAI)    Matz Equipment Services (RAI)
Tampa, Fla.     Bridgeport, W.Va.
Automotive Lift Specialist (RAI)    MJS Holdings
Allentown, Pa.    Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada
Automotive Technology (RAI)    Moore Equipment Sales (RAI)
Fenton, Mo.    Ranger, GA
Bill’s Hydraulic Jack Service (RAI)    MTD Services (RAI)
Sacramento, Calif.    White March, Md.
C.A. Rife (RAI)    Newman Equipment (RAI)
Royal Palm Beach, Fla.    Miami, Fla.
Columbus Oil Co. (RAI)    Norman Story & Associates (RAI)
Columbus, Ohio    Flemingsburg, Ky.
CTL Hydraulics (RAI)    Norwest Shop Equipment (RAI)
Bettendorf, Iowa    Spokane Valley, Wash.
Danielson Equipment Co. (RAI)    O’Brien’s Lift Service (RAI)
Omaha, Neb.    Loveland, Colo.
Doehrman Company (RAI)    Oil Equipment Co. (RAI)
Phoenix, Ariz.    Madison, Wis.
Douglas J. Ward Pump Service (RAI)    Ott Equipment Service (RAI)
Vestal Center, N.Y.    Noblesville, Ind.
Dows Equipment Sales & Service (RAI)    P.R. Streich & Sons (RAI)
Romulus, MI    Franklin Park, Ill.
Edward and Sons Automotive (RAI)    Pacific West Contractors (RAI)
Pleasanton, Calif.    Spanaway, Wash.
Filtrec Corporation (RAI)    Price Equipment Services (RAI)
Auburn, N.Y.    Nashville, Tenn.
Florida Lift Experts (RAI)    Red’s Equipment Warehouse (RAI)
Orlando, Fla.    Syracuse, N.Y.
Garage Equipment Solutions (RAI)    Reliable Hydraulics (RAI)
Castleton, N.Y.    Smyrna, Ga.
Jemko Petroleum Equipment (RAI)    Roundout Lift (RAI)
Erie, Pa.    Ulster Park, N.Y.
John Percy Services (RAI)    Stephen Graga Construction (RAI)
Lancaster, N.Y.    Farmingdale, N.J.
Laub Equipment Services (RAI)    Turner Hydraulics (RAI)
Galloway, Ohio    Carlisle, Pa.
Lift Works (RAI)    U.S. Petroleum Equipment (RAI)
West Bridgewater, Mass.    Kimberly, Wis.
Lift Works (RAI)    Universal Distribution Group (RAI)
Lee, N.H.    Charlotte, N.C.
Lordco Parts    Walker’s Hydraulics (RAI)
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada    Concord, Calif.