Fluid Rx Diagnostics

Fluid RX Instant Lubricant Diagnostics will be available through Asbury Environmental Services

Fluid Rx Diagnostics by Magna-Guard announced it has reached a strategic alliance with Asbury Environmental Services (AES) to distribute a private label of its instant fluid testing and analysis tools.  This program could reach over 13,000 automotive service centers, oil change facilities and new car dealerships in California, Arizona and Nevada.

“This is a very exciting partnership for Fluid Rx Diagnostics,” said Magna-Guard, Inc. President, Ron McElroy. “AES has been a leader in the automotive waste fluids industry for over 75 years.  The fact that they recognize the reputation of Fluid Rx Diagnostics™ and the integrity of our diagnostic tools compliments their long-standing position of excellence is very gratifying,” he added.          

“Recommending the use of Fluid Rx Diagnostics technology is a positive step for AES in bringing new and innovative products and services to the marketplace,” remarked Ken Chan, AES Business Development Manager. “We feel very strongly that providing these tools will strengthen our relationships with our clients by improving the quality, integrity and volume of their fluid preventative maintenance business and bolster the relationship between consumers and service providers,” Chan said.

With the introduction of manufacturer-specific lubricants and so called, “Lifetime Fluids”, the complexity of fluid preventative maintenance has significantly changed.  Relying simply on OE time/mileage recommendations may not be good enough or in the best interests of many owners and operators; and what are the recommendations when the warranty runs out?

AES recognized this conundrum and answered the call by providing its clients with Fluid Rx “Instant Lubricant Diagnostics” the radial planar chromatographic technology that has changed the way automotive fluid services are recommended.

All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown. When these additives become depleted, the fluid degrades and can no longer perform its intended function. Fluid Rx Diagnostics provides a measure of additive depletion and the level of sludge or debris in fluid or oil.  The ISO (International Standards Organization) Diagnostics Charts shows how specific fluids appear at various points of depletion on their unique Test Sheet.

Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics follows all Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Standards and California BAR guidelines when making fluid service recommendations. The test results show the actual condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids; including crankcase oil, brake, power steering, transmission, differential and transfer case fluids.
The CalABC (California Automotive Business Coalition), representing the automotive aftermarket to Government, recently reported and published:  “Instant Lubricant Diagnostics – the best strategy to identify and recommend vehicle fluid change intervals.”

Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics provides both the technician and customer with the information needed to make an informed decision on when fluid services are needed.  Showing the test results to your customer puts them in the driver’s seat – identifying needed services ups ticket averages and bolsters customer loyalty and retention.