NitroFill, LLC

NitroFill dealers and customers team up to plant more than 100,000 trees

NitroFill is looking to replace oxygen in vehicle tires as quickly as possible with the superior performance of NitroFill nitrogen. NitroFill is just as serious about returning more oxygen to the environment via the company’s Plant-a-Tree Program, a sustainable reforestation campaign, enhancing the environment one tree at a time. Since January 2014, NitroFill has been partnering with its extensive dealer network to plant one tree for every NitroFill conversion service sold. 

Customers who purchase a NitroFill service, or a vehicle equipped with NitroFill, receive a free membership in the NitroFill Auto Club, a customer benefit program that includes tire repair and replacement coverage, roadside assistance and other valuable benefits—which now include the planting of a tree in their honor. When customers register and activate their membership online at, they are prompted to dedicate their trees to the person or cause of their choice, and receive a personalized “Dedication Certificate” via e-mail. Details on how the program works are found at 

“Our dealers are always excited to promote NitroFill because of the many benefits it provides motorists including better fuel economy, longer tire life, enhanced safety and a reduced carbon foot print. The opportunity to connect these advantages with the environmental stewardship of a tree planting program makes the experience even more positive,” stated Jay Lighter, President of NitroFill. “This program energizes everyone and we’re receiving a great deal of positive feedback.” 

Over 100,000 trees were planted since January, which will result in 1,300,000 pounds of carbon that will be eliminated from the atmosphere annually upon maturation of the trees, as calculated by the Eco Preservation Society. Tree dedications are shared with the public by NitroFill and can be viewed as they are added by visiting Productive “Green Team Dealers” and their YTD results are updated weekly and can be followed on

NitroFill offers key information explaining why trees are important and how tree-planting programs create many positive results. Trees reduce CO2 in the atmosphere while producing oxygen. They also reduce ozone, help with erosion, trap dust and debris, and assist in lowering heating and air conditioning costs. These renewable resources also provide aesthetic enjoyment for many and homes for animals and insects. Through the efforts of North American auto dealers, NitroFill proudly estimates that the program is expected to reach their objective of planting over one million trees.